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Hi, friends, happy Monday. Did you know that Vaselinecan be used in so many waysé Today I'm going to show you 20 ways Vaseline can be used for beauty purposes. The very first one is coating the lashes. When you coat the lashes . I actually heard thata couple girls do this, they put it on their lashesbefore they go to bed,

and they say that it'sstrengthens and lengthens their lashes throughout time. So it doesn't hurt to try. Vaseline can also be usedto moisturize the lips and you can also make lip balm. I actually have a Jello lip balm recipe in the info box below. You can also use Vaselineto put on your feet

before you go to bed. Coat a lot of it on, and then put socks on and it'll be deep moisturization. And you can actually dothat with your hands, too, and wear gloves instead. Apply Vaseline to your cuticles and it will soften your cuticles up. If you want a dewy makeuplook, you can actually apply

Vaseline to your cheeks and it'll make your cheeks look dewy, or you can also apply it to your eyelids and have dewy eyelids. I actually heard that applyingVaseline to a new tattoo will actually protect it andactually help heal your tattoo. You can also use Vaselineto remove your makeup. You can just put it witha baby wipe and it will

remove the makeup andany waterproof eyeliner. Just do it gently. You can mix Vaseline andepsom salt for a body scrub. Or, you can also mix Vaselineand sugar for a lip scrub, and it will be a good exfoliator. I actually heard thatgirls in beauty pageants put Vaseline on their teeth,and this will actually prevent their lips from sticking to one another.

And, also, putting vaseline on the teeth prevents you from havinglipstick on your teeth, 'cause it's so sticky and glidey. If you have flyaways,you can actually place the Vaseline on your flyaways, and just put it on your hair. You know how eyebrowhairs get really crazyé If you run out of brow gel,you can just put some Vaseline,

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