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Skin Bleaching How Can I Brighten My Skin Without Bleaching

Alright guys, here's another question, thisone just says “My skin looks dull, I've tried Kojic acid on my face and I had stoppedbecause it gave my face a grey ghost look. What would you recommend and how do I useitéquot; Then she asked me another question, she was like quot;My skin shade is a bit darker thanGabrielle Union but I would love to get your shade or two shades lighter than my skin tone.quot;Here' my replies to her; I was really, like, when (inaudible) send me this kinds of questions,I'm really frank, I don't judge anybody but here's what I had to say to her. I said quot;Hi,thanks for the kind words, why, my area expertise is not a recommended skin lightening creamso people (inaudible) have a pigmentation,

I can give you few pointers on how to brightenyour complexion, okay. So (inaudible) thing that I'm just (inaudible) skin lighteningcreams and besides I use this light like one was getting so bright in this tutorial is becauseof my lighting now if I go back you'd see like, so yeah. This is what I recommend forher, tips. Number one, drink a lot of water. I drinklots and lots of water. I exercise so when you exercise, you drink like at least three,four bottles of Desani water, at least three, you'd consume that while you're exercising,that's a lot of water. Number two, eat at lots of vegetables. Number three, use vitaminc serum and retinol on your face, yes. Vitamin

C is a natural skin brightener so don't bealarmed. I use tretinoin as prescribed by my dermatologist. If you're unable to getto a dermatologist, there's a plethora of sites that sell, vitamin c or retinol products,example; Pro Derma Light, going to leave it below for you guys. My fourth recommendationto her was use moisturizer with SPF. I use Neutrogena Ageless Intensive Deep WrinkleDaily Moisturizer, that's really long. My fifth recommendation to her was for your body,I would say don't mess up your skin with harsh chemicals. It is not worth it, trust me, itis not worth it. For people who would like brighter skin complexionon your body, I would say get an exfoliating

body scrub, okay. Your skin has just probablytaken a lot of hit from just the weather, pollution, dead skin. So get yourself a goodexfoliating scrub and mild brightening lotion, okay. The one I use is from Clarins, it'sa really, really highly reputable, Clarin is a really, really good skin care brand,it's natural, it's called Clarins Bright (inaudible) Brightening Hydrating Day Lotion, this isnot a bleaching cream, okay. So don't expect to go from Kelly Rowland to Beyoncé at all.(inaudible) to her was shower twice daily and reapply your products, okayé It's prettyeasy. A bonus tip, that I recommended was her taking supplements, I take vitamin E,vitamin C 1000 mg, selenium and Quercetin,

I wonder if this is how it's pronounced, everyday. I'm trying to not get old, seriously, I was just planning for my future but thesevitamins help with skin care just to have a glowing skin that looks healthy, you knowthat's really a plus for any female, okay, for glowing, not a white skin or just like(inaudible), like, just healthy looking, bright skin, okay. Alright guys, that's it for me.If you have any questions do feel free to ask. I'm pretty candid with my answers, like,I have nothing to hide, yeah, and I don't feel like you should also feel like ashamedor like just embarrassed to ask anything, do so, alright. Bye.

Dark Spots On Legs How To Remove Dark Spots From Legs

Hi guys, this is Chinenye and I've beengetting lots of emails from some of you, and I just thought, let me just come here andmake this tutorial cause my thing is, it's not even about me anymore it's about peoplewho have problems, you know, skin issues who wanna treat this stuff. And whatever I'mdoing can at least wait a little bit if I'm able to help somebody. So today I wanna talk about another way toget rid of dark spots on your legs. I just wanna break something down to people. Thefirst thing I wanna talk about today is if you have dark spots on your legs and you'reable to get to a dermatologists, go to a dermatologist

okay. When you get to a dermatologist, they'reso cliche, what they prescribe is so predictable and trite. They'll probably give you likeHydroquinone 4% depending on your skin tone, 4% or 8%. And give you like retin a whichI guess speeds up the cell renewal process and makes you spots fade faster, it's likean exfoliant you know it makes your spots fade faster. So both of them really work tohelp fade your dark spots. If you don't have access to a dermatologist, if you're notable to get to a dermatologists, cause I think it differs from country to country. I guessthe consultation fee, insurance and all that. So if you're not able to get to a dermatologist,another option will be extreme glow. Now this

is a really strong lightening lotion, I knowthere are lots and lots of over the counter creams but this one has shown itself to beeffective, for me at least lately. If you buy your extreme glow lotion, you buy theextreme glow serum and then you get um. like a chemical peel. I would say me, myself, likeI use tretinoin that's a form of retin a. That's what my dermatologist prescribedfor me. Like I said if you don't have access to a dermatologist, a chemical peel will sufficeokay. Your goal here is to make sure you're getting rid of dead skin cells so that theextreme glow, the lotion penetrates okay. That's what, that's what the priorityhere is. So the extreme glow lotion, you mix

it with the serum and then you get yourselfa chemical peel. Do your peel once every week or once in two weeks. It all depends on yourskin. I can't like tell you what to do when it comes to chemical peels. That's not myplace, and I don't want anyone to say, “oh that girl told me to do this and then my skinburnt� No! Use your discretion when it comes to chemical peels. And by the way when youbuy a chemical peel it comes with instructions and directions so that should help you out.Um.yea that what I have for you guy today.

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