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Why Mixing Different Skin Care Products is Bad for Your Skin Skincare Q A

Hi guys! This is Eva from Bay Harbour MedSpa. Today I'm going to explain why it is not good to mix skin care products from differentcompanies. First of all I will start with this: I am not trying to talk about this topicbecause I want you to buy exclusively my products. That's not the case. What I'm trying to dois let you guys understand why using different products is not beneficial when you are tryingto accomplish results when you have problem skin. Particularly with problem skin, withoily skin, with acne skin etc. It might not be such a big problem when you have dry skin,but when you have oily skin, normal skin, problem, skin, rosacea, and so forth thereason that I recommend for people to use

one kind of product, and if you come to meand you tell me, Eva, OK, I have this problem, this problem, this problem, what should Ido, I use this, this or thisé I make a recommendation for very logical reasons, first of all stopusing everything that you have at home. Get from me, since you're asking me for help,for advice, I can only recommend you get my products, ABCDE, whatever it be, get my products.The reason I do say that is this: because I formulate my own products. I know the ingredientsthat is in every product. If you follow my advice, let's say you have acne skin and Itell you to use my acne solution treatment line, and you use it an you contact me andyou say, Eva, my skin is too red, hypothetically.

Because I know, and we have an agreement thatyou are only using my products, I can tell you ok you are using this or this too much.Take it out of the equation three or four days, use only this this and this, and let'ssee what happens to your skin. So I personally can advise you and analyze, and analyze longdistance in this case, what the problem is by you explaining to me or telling me whatthe issue is. But if you are using a product from this, a product from that, a productfrom me, and you come to me and you say, well, I have a reaction. I have a rash, I have dryness,I have breakouts, I have this I cannot tell you take this out or do this, because youare already mixing different products, different

ingredients, and these products mixed together,number one, might cause an irritation, might cause a problem, the ingredients might notinteract properly with one another. This is why it is extremely important that you onlyuse products of one kind, you don't mix them. Because we don't know what's in other people'sproducts. I don't know what other companies make their products with. I don't know everythingthat is in there, I don't know the quantities, I don't know the percentages. So I cannotrecommend or tell you buy this, or buy that because I don't know. I am not a chemist whosits there and analyzes every product out there. That's not my job, that's not my business.I care only about one thing I care about

what I do for you, what products I make formy clients and my patients, what ingredients I put in there. This is my job, this is whatI have to know. I don't know anything else that happens out there, therefore I can'trecommend you anything out there. Not because I want you to buy my product, but becauseI really don't know. Because I know so much about skin, and I know so much about skinissues and irritation and allergies, and problems that I'm cautioning you and I'm asking you,if you decide to do a treat treatment, stick to one line. Because when you have a problemand you are only using one product line, it's much easier to decipher the problem. So ifyou use somebody else's product line and if

you have an issue, you can call these peoplewhere you bought the product or the manufacturer and say I have this or this or this, and theycan advise you if they do. But if you decide to buy my product line, and I ask you kindly,give away your products, throw them away, put them away, but don't mix my product withany other product for that simple reason. If something goes wrong, or there is a reaction,an allergic reaction, whatever it be, then I know where to go and I can analyze withyou together and say ok, do this, take this out, do this, and we can figure it out. So,it has to be finetuned. This is why it is so very important to make sure you understandthat it is not on my part a selling ploy to

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