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Hello, I'm Neal Schultz pause and welcome to DermTV. Today I'm going to tell you how to get ridof the brown spots that your acne sometimes leaves. Certainly when youget a pimple it has a huge impact on the way you look and that affects the wayyou feel about yourself but at least when you get pimples, they usually goaway in a few days. But sometimes those pimples leave brown spotsor dark spots and when they do

those dark spots can last weeks or monthsand look even worse than the pimples did. You've heard me say beforedon't pick pimples because picking causes dark spots, but some people have suchsensitive skin that even without picking, just from the presence ofthe pimple, just from the inflammation of the pimple, they get darkspots. And the reason anybody gets a dark spot from a pimple is becauseanytime the skin has been injured it reacts by making more brown melanin pigment.So whether it's from a sunburn that gives you a tan or whether it'sfrom pimples, picked or not

picked, it's very easy to get brown spotswhere you've had acne. Fortunately, those brown spots are easy toget rid of; it just takes three products and a little bit of patience. Believeit or not, the most important product is your sunscreen becausesunscreen will prevent the sun from making those dark spots even darker.It's really tough to bleach dark spots and make them lighter in the presenceof the sun causing them to make more pigment. Second, you want a bleach, that'ssometimes called a “depigmenter�. Some of them have hydroquinonein the them and there are new

modern bleaches that have peptides. But thepoint is, you put this on twice a day to stop the brown melanin cells frommaking more melanin, they're hyperactive, they're making too much, wewant to slow them down. Third is a gentle chemical exfoliant, such as glycolic,which is my preference. The reason you need the exfoliant is to take offthe dead cells that are holding too much brown pigment that's alreadybeen formed. If you're using a topical antioxidant every night make surethat antioxidant is a vitamin C based antioxidant because vitamin C also helpsto reduce brown pigment. And

last, but not least, whatever you do, makesure you don't rub or pick at the brown spots. It will only make them worse.

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