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Natural Bleach for Skin Whitening in 1 day Make It Glowing

natural bleach for skin whitening thisnatural bleach will lighten your skin at once and make it glowing the humblepotato this can work wonders as a natural bleach and skin liner and yourskin will look clean and soft free and adjust a couple of weeks hard to believe we say you find out foryourself ingredients one potato two tablespoons rose water 1 tbsp honey arelemon juice method of preparation you need the first peel the skin of amediumsized potato and then graded add do it rose water and honey if you have adry skin or lemon juice if you have an

oily skin and make it big based in theblender it should come out to have a rich consistency your potato bleachcream is ready for use now apply it in a thick coat on yourface particularly in the affected areas you can even apply it on your hands andneck allow it to dry for about 20 minutes rinse off with cool water thosewith a bad case of acne blackheads and dark spots need to do this race a weekor one month and you will notice the improvement in your complexion your skintone would have become even and spot free and all the fine lines and deepscars on your face would have vanished

without a trace it is said percentnatural and not to mention costeffective you will be pleasantlysurprised with the results what potato does the potato in the facepack works as a natural bleaching agent that brightens the skin tone eliminatesthe dark spots and gives it an even look don't look down upon that potato againas another see ARB it is going to give you a glowing flawless skin one daythank you for watching be tutorial please subscribe my channel for more help outBates.

How to lighten dark underams natural deodorant with only 2 ingredients Easy DIY

Hi guys, so today I have an awesome DIY foryou this is a home made hundred percent effective natural safe organic deodorand cum skin lightener. i'm using this particular scrub for yearsand i can guarantee you that there won't be a thing called body odour in your life afteryou use this. so this is just using two things from yourkitchen, two ingredients you're going to find in any and every kitchen. i also dont believe much in store bought deodorantsbecause they come in aluminium containers and aluminium containers contain aluminium.

I'd rather go with mu natural home made stuff. it not only saves money it works like nothingelse has. so let me show it to you. i use just two things thats salt and lemon.letme show you what I do. so guys this is all you will be needing forthis awesome scrub, just lemon cut ino half s and salt. You take your lemon, dip into the salt andyour scrub is ready. so this is sea salt, crystals are a littlebit coarse but it's great if you can get your

hands on it. this here is regular table salt which is greattoo. you can just go with what you have, no needto go out and buy anything at all. so get making your own scrubs and let me knowhow you liked it. i'll see you again in my next vid, bye.

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