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Atomy Morning 6 Skin Care System demonstration

Hi everyone my name is Kathryn and I'm with AtomyMasters Welcome, we will start off with the 6 set of course naturally after you finish the 4 set which is the cleansing set the last item is the mask so after the mask you find there is some residue left over so then this is the perfect time to go on to the six set which is to start off with the toner. The toner is a double cleanser

as well as close the pores as well astighten your skin at the same time our Atomy cleansing set is very moisturizing. So how you use the toner is you just open it up and just press 2 pumps and spread it over the fingers and apply it all over very gently and then all over and allow it to absorb totally in. Then within one minute you will find the toner will absorb in very quickly so it's done but of course for me

if I had leftovers I put it on my neckwhich is a good to rehydrate your neck as well you don't want a turtle neck righté So we are done with the toner. So it will help to eradicate the left over from the mask. Then we move on to the eye cream. The eye cream is very important because a many of the users if they forgot the eye cream we find that they have sagging eyes or dark spots

making their eyes look very tired so our eye cream is excellent and very silky smooth and non greesy so very simply you just use a qtip take out a little bit from there only a little goes a long way and just put it on your ring finger and then even it out from the top to the bottom go in a circular motion to massage the eye area and at the same to to let it absorb in

so it will absorb in very quickly very gently then you're ready to go so that is the eye cream very moisturizing very silky and non greasy now of course again the next step is the serum which is our essense so the serum is very important because it helps to produce collagen for aging skin for sagging skin this is perfect

of course again many of us we need serum even though you have younger skin it is very silky smooth as well very simple to open up two pumps then same as the toner spread it over same circular motion put it all over the face and let it absorb in because you will love the serum

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