Skin Care While Nursing

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Top 15 Skin Whitening Foods to Eat

15 Types of Foods for Skin Whitening Kiwi Maintain Skin bright complexion, vitamin C rich to smoothen skin tone. Banana Rich in vitamin A, B and E, great in anti aging food. Milk Great skin moisturizer, and boost lactic acid helps make your skin complexion fair. Orange

Slow Down aging of your skin, C vitamin assist skin complexion. Tomatoes Protect your skin from sunlight, reduce acne skin oily. Papaya Vitamin A and E act as antioxidants, also remove acne that make skin dark. Strawberry Improve glowing skin with Vitamin C richness, and help reduce uneven skin tone. Soybean

act as anti aging, maintain skin glowing. Tea Helpful to reduce skin roughness, great antioxidant but don't overdose drinking tea. Dark Chocolate Have cocoa poplyphenol flavonoid, helps benefit antioxidant for skin whitening. Lemon Juice Vitamin C booster, remove wrinkles, blackhead, and anti aging to firm skin up. Oatmeal

Moisturise skin naturally and skin lightening with banana recipe. Carrot beautify out lighter skin, Vitamin C give you brighter complexion of skin tone. Salmon Gives healthy Omega 3 fatty acids and vitamins, also greatest skin treatment for whiter skin. Sweet Potatoes Make skin natural glowing effect and healthier skin complexion looking for skin lightening and reduce pigmentation. If you like this tutorial, for more,

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Breastfeeding Tips 8 Foods to Avoid while Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding tips 8 foods to avoid while babies breastfeedingBreast milk is the best source of nutrition for the infants. Breastfeeding helps reduce diabetes, hypertension, allergies and childhood cancers and it improves memory and immunity. Foods to avoid while breastfeeding. 1 Caffeine.Taking coffee will make caffeine mix your bloodstream. It makes your baby jittery, cranky and wakeful.2 Alcohol. Occasional Alcohol may not have that much problem but regular intake will definitely cause many problems 3 GarlicIt makes your child fussy and irritated4 WheatIf your baby cries uncontrollably or has blood in stool, check whether you are having wheat. That may be the cause. Avoid it and once your child recovers, check him for wheat energy 4 WheatIf your baby cries uncontrollably or has blood in stool, check whether you are having wheat. That may be the cause. Avoid it and once your child recovers, check him for wheat energy.5 Having chocolates will make your baby fussy and have a running loop 6 Citrus FruitsBabies GI tract may be immature. Citrus fruits will irritate it7 PeanutsPeanuts some times causes allergies like wheezing and rashes 8 PeppermintPeppermint reduces the milk and its flow. So, do reduce it for the health of your baby.

DermTV What Skincare Products Are Safe During Pregnancy DermTV Epi 60

Hello, I'm Neal Schultz pause and welcome to DermTV. A very important question that arises frequentlyduring pregnancy is, quot;What skincare products are safeéquot; The reality isthat almost all skincare products are safe to use at any time duringpregnancy, and particularly during the very sensitive first trimester,with the exception of retinols. Retinols are products like RetinA, Renova,Retinal, and other derivatives

that come from those products like tazorac,adapalene, and differin, as well as other products used for either facialrejuvenation or to treat acne. Retinols have been shown to cause somemalformations in rodents, not in human beings, but just because we wantto be as conservative as possible, no RetinA related products andno Retinols during pregnancy. Everything else that is available overthecounteris safe to use during pregnancy and nothing else has ever been demonstratedto cause any problems with humans. The interesting thing to me isso often women will question

particular skincare products while they continueto use moisturizers and cleansers with all sorts of exotic productsthat no one has ever tested during pregnancy. The good news is regardless of which listwe are talking about common skincare products or more exotic skincareproducts the barrier function of your skin which is there to keep the outsideworld out and to keep the inside world in, is very effective all thetime even during pregnancy. So with the exceptions that I mentioned, useany skincare products during

pregnancy and you can be reassured that theywill have no effect on the outcome of your pregnancy.

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