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Top 10 Best Makeup Brands in 2016 makeup brands

Top 10 Best Makeup Brands in 2016. number 10. Estee Lauder. This is a famous brand that is globally renownedfor its highend skincare, fragrance, hair care, and other makeup products. For instance, they deal in beauty productssuch as lipsticks, perfumes, nail paints, shampoos, foundations and moisturizing lotions,which are widely admired for their superior quality.

This American company owns a large portfolioof labels that are internationally distributed in the upmarket department stores. The brand has developed quite rapidly andit is giving other skincare brands tough competition. number 9. Dove. Dove is a famous cosmetic and skincare companythat was introduced in the market in 1957. Women as well as men have shown full satisfactionwith different Dove products. Most of the brand's skin products, shampoosand hair conditioners are loved due to their

effectiveness. Ideally, the company provides customers withtopnotch makeup applications, moisturizers, face wash, great lipsticks and many otherbeauty products. number 8. Neutrogena. This American brand deals in topnotch haircare, cosmetics and skin care products that are preferred by most high class women, especiallycelebrities and models. If you need to achieve attractive looks, youcan simply select from a variety of Neutrogena

products that are available on the market. The brand is renowned for its reliable productsthat have long lasting effects. Neutrogena's best products include basecoats, sun block, lip gloss, scrubs, compacts and whitening creams among others. number 7. Lancome. This is a renowned French luxury cosmeticsand perfumes company, which produces multiple skincare products, makeup items and fragrances.

Their eye makeup products, particularly themascaras, guarantee users flawless fascial beauty. The brand is trusted for its face wash, facepacksand foundations among others. number 6. Maybelline. This brand is another leading cosmetic company,which is currently selling its beauty products to over 120 countries across the world. The American brand has really excelled inmascaras, lipsticks, foundations, eye shadows,

eye liners and nail paints. Its eye makeup and mascaras will express theattraction and charm of your face, hence giving you a flawless, glamorous and attractive look. number 5. Clinique. This is a famous company that manufacturestopnotch cosmetic and skincare products. It is a renowned dermatologistdeveloped cosmeticbrand, which is known for ally effective products.

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