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Hello everyone, Pinay Beauty and Style lover here! And You're watching me again in this Tagalog Thursdays On this Thursday, I will be featuring One of the most requested tutorials ever on this channel It is about How I lightened my skin, how I brightened skin, and how come I have fair skiné Also, what soap do I use to lighten or whiten my skiné So I just did this tutorial to answer all those questions .in a way we will be hitting 3 birds with one stone First of all, I would like to thank my mom and dad because they gave me genes to have this skin Full disclosure guys, I really have fair skin, okayé The problem with my skin is that although I am already fair, I have a lot of skin discolorations and hyperpigmented areas

As you can see here, Of course, I am already wearing a bit of makeup, but I will insert a clip without any makeup on so you can see Hi guys, this is how I look like with no makeup on. I don't even have eyebrows And as you can see, wait the camera is adjusting. That I have a lot of redness. I'm really fair to begin with, however, I have a lot of hyperpigmentation and got uneven skin. I got discoloration here, around the nose, around the mouth

I also have dry skin and flaking skin My problem area is around my neck, lots of hyperpigmentation. I have darkening over here and here More so when I gained weight it really flared up I'm trying to lose weight and so far that helped a bit. So anyway that's why I am using whitening and lightening take care of my hyperpigmented areas and skin discolorations

I also got some acne scars here also over here.that's some acne scars and the acne scars have lightened too They don't look raised or super red like before anymore The texture is already even but when it is around the time of the month, sometimes they look super visible like they really look red or dark so that's why I use these soaps So guys, as you have seen from the clip. I really do have fair skin even and that's not my real issue.

You've seen my skin problems And it is really frustrating because the more you have pale or fair skin, the more visible the problem areas are. You can really see the darkened areas and those with discolorations So anyway I will be featuring 3 of the most common soaps that I keep seeing in Philippine drugstores And actually these soaps that I have now are for my friend (that's why I have all of them) She asked me to buy them for her because she's not really from the Philippines She also wants to try the soaps and I will be dropping by later at her place My friend isn't from here so she really has no idea where to go to buy even if I tell her.

This is the Belo Tranexamic Soap They actually have 3 variants I got the small ones.I also got the bars.but the ones I've tried are just the bars The original one and the one that comes with exfoliating Lemon scrubs I've also tried the Kojie San Skin Lightehing soap And then, last but not the least, the KSA magic KojicGluta Soap So okay First of all, none of these were sent to me

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