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DIY Skin Lightening Face and Body Scrub Black Friday

Hey there you guys, a lot of you are interestedin my skin care routine, and I did post a tutorial quite a while ago which was my skincareroutine, but I have mentioned a few times since that I have replaced my exfoliationproducts and most of my skin lightening products with this homemade concoction. This is somethingthat has been recommended to my by many people, and something I've researched about on theinternet, and looked at different recipes, and this is what I've come up with. Everytime I'm going to buy skin care products, I'm usually looking for things with theseparticular ingredients, so I thought, why don't I just put them together in a jar andsee what happensé Honestly, my skin has never

felt nicer. I'm not even just saying that.It feels ridiculously smooth and I think it's actually like, making a big difference. Ithas faded my freckles more. I dunno. It's just so good, oké Please take my word forit! I'll show you how to make it in a moment. The benefits of this scrub are: powerful exfoliation,removes blackheads, moisturises, lightens skin and fades freckles, softens skin, andslows skin ageing. Now, if you're not interested in skin lightening, this is why I put thatpart in brackets, you can omit two of the ingredients. Then you've got a really goodforskinscrub, and it can be used on your face and whole body with a slight alteration. I'm justgoing by what I've been doing for the last

few weeks. I thought I'd share it with you.It seems to be pretty good. The mixture this creates is very, very coarse. I would recommendnot using every day, maybe once or twice a week. This mixture does keep quite a while,at least a week, most of the ingredients are things that are used for preserving otherthings. The main ingredients being honey and olive oil; honey never spoils, and olive oilis used to preserve other things. It's quite coarse, so probably only once or twice a week.So what you will need to make this is. Sugar. I use a cheap white sugar. you canuse raw sugar or a different sugar if you'd like, but you're not eating it, it's reallyjust for the coarse texture you're wanting

it. Extra virgin olive oil. Olive oil is profoundlygood for your skin. The two oldest ladies who have ever lived, both attributed theirlongevity to their olive oil consumption, and to rubbing it into their skin. Honey.Honey moisturises skin and is so good for you. I like to use a squeezey bottle of honey'cause it's easier. And these last two ingredients you can omit if you'd like to make a normalscrub and not a skin lightening scrub. Lemon juice. Some people say lemon juice is notgood for your skin, but from everything I've read, it's perfectly fine to use on your skin.It can be dehydrating, but we've got honey to combat that. Parsley. I use dried parsley.Probably fresh parsley is better. I understand

it's a natural bleaching agent. A containerto keep it in. Please don't use a glass container, but rather a plastic one if you're planningto take it into the shower with you. And a stick of some sort to mix it with. Or a spoon,or finger, whatever. The main ingredient is sugar, so start by pouring in a fair amountof sugar. I never measure things out, I go by feel, heh. I measure things in blobs anddollops. Add a dollop of extra virgin olive oil. Squeeze in some honey. Probably abouta tablespoon or so of each of these things. And for skin lightening, add maybe a teaspoonor so of lemon juice, and sprinkle in some parsley. Mix it all together. Just in caseyou're wondering, even though it's made of

sugar, it does not make your skin sticky.You're washing it straight off. It is not a very nice colour, heh. But that doesn'treally matter. You want the texture to be quite coarse, it should be mostly sugar, shouldfeel really rough, you want it to be very coarse and thick. If you make too much justto use on your face, 'cause you don't need much each.go, double the size of the mixtureby adding some of your favourite body soap. I recommend a nicely scented one! To use this,after washing your face with a cleanser or whatever, removing any makeup.it's goodto do this before or after having a shower. Making it part of your weekly routine. Takea facecloth . I'm not going to demonstrate

How Black Men Can Treat Skin Discoloration Ingrowns Black Skin Care

Hi, this is Eva from Bay Harbour Med Spa andthis tutorial that I'm making right now is for all the black men in America, and in the worldthat have a problem with discoloration on their face actually from ingrown hairs. Thereason I'm making this tutorial is because I ever so often get phone calls from guys mainlyin the United States, but sometimes from overseas as well who see my skin lightening treatmentsthat I make for black men and the questions always are the same. Men want to buy my lighteningtreatments for the discoloration that they have on their face. But guys, now listen tome very,very carefully what I'm going to tell you. In order for something to be effective,particularly on your skin, because that's

what I'm talking about, we have to addressthe core of the problem. The discoloration is not something that you were born with.When you were born, your skin was even color black, even color dark brown, even color lightbrown, whatever it was, it's even color. What happened is over the years, most likely, mostlikely, black men have a problem with ingrown hairs. The hair on black people is curly.At times, the hair, as it tries to come out, is unable to break through the skin throughthe layers of skin, and then instead coming out this way, it bends, curls up, roles upand grows under the skin. Several things happen, first of all, it becomes painful and it becomesvery difficult to shave, and even if you shave,

you actually have painful shaving, very oftenyou cut yourself and you bleed. You create inflammation, you create infections and thatby itself will create additional discoloration on top of the original problem with the haircurled up under the skin. So the reason I am trying to explain and making this tutorialfor all the men that have the same problem, discoloration on the face that comes fromingrown hairs. In order for something to really be effective, you have to address the coreof the problem. First come to the root of the problem, let's not put a bandaid on thisproblem and me running and selling you the lightening treatments and making it back andyou getting it a little bit lighter and continuing

suffering from the problem. That's not whatI am about and that's not what I want you guys to do. I don't want anybody to go outthere and purchase my lightening treatment for black skin if indeed the problem is ingrownhairs. What I want you to do is I want you to address the problem that you have whereit started. What is the problem that you have. How do we get rid of the problem of the hairthat causes it. So first of all, if indeed you are living anywhere close to Florida,and you can afford it and you can fly to Florida then I would say that the first thing thatyou do is you come and see me. If you are not in Florida. If you can't fly to Florida.Please, Google. Seek out somebody some skin

that does laser hair removal for blackand dark skin. There is a laser. There is a specific laser called Coolglide which isbased on the laser beam called Yag. YAG. The laser beam is the modality. The technology.The laser machine is called Coolglide. That machine is the only FDA approved machine thatis suitable and approved to treat black skin without destroying the pigment of the skin.So we got it. Either you come to see me or go anywhere in the world. Google and searchwho has a Coolglide machine. And start laser hair removal treatments. So, if you came tome, I would tell you, and guys, I have tens and tens and tens if not hundreds of blackmen that come to see me for this problem.

First, I will tell you, let's not worry aboutthe discoloration first. Let's worry about the cause, the reason. The reason is yourhair. Let's get rid of the hair. It will take you twelve times, if you can do it, if youcan stick to it, it will take about a year to finish. Which means, that you will comeand go for a laser hair removal treatment on your face or on the area where you haveingrown hairs and where you have discoloration, you did once a month. The reason that youonly have to do it once a month because the anatomy of the body is such and lasers cannotbe done more frequently, so for a man's face, it's once a month, and for a man's body fromhere down, it's every six weeks. So it will

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