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Dark Spots On Legs How To Remove Dark Spots From Legs

Hi guys, this is Chinenye and I've beengetting lots of emails from some of you, and I just thought, let me just come here andmake this tutorial cause my thing is, it's not even about me anymore it's about peoplewho have problems, you know, skin issues who wanna treat this stuff. And whatever I'mdoing can at least wait a little bit if I'm able to help somebody. So today I wanna talk about another way toget rid of dark spots on your legs. I just wanna break something down to people. Thefirst thing I wanna talk about today is if you have dark spots on your legs and you'reable to get to a dermatologists, go to a dermatologist

okay. When you get to a dermatologist, they'reso cliche, what they prescribe is so predictable and trite. They'll probably give you likeHydroquinone 4% depending on your skin tone, 4% or 8%. And give you like retin a whichI guess speeds up the cell renewal process and makes you spots fade faster, it's likean exfoliant you know it makes your spots fade faster. So both of them really work tohelp fade your dark spots. If you don't have access to a dermatologist, if you're notable to get to a dermatologists, cause I think it differs from country to country. I guessthe consultation fee, insurance and all that. So if you're not able to get to a dermatologist,another option will be extreme glow. Now this

is a really strong lightening lotion, I knowthere are lots and lots of over the counter creams but this one has shown itself to beeffective, for me at least lately. If you buy your extreme glow lotion, you buy theextreme glow serum and then you get um. like a chemical peel. I would say me, myself, likeI use tretinoin that's a form of retin a. That's what my dermatologist prescribedfor me. Like I said if you don't have access to a dermatologist, a chemical peel will sufficeokay. Your goal here is to make sure you're getting rid of dead skin cells so that theextreme glow, the lotion penetrates okay. That's what, that's what the priorityhere is. So the extreme glow lotion, you mix

it with the serum and then you get yourselfa chemical peel. Do your peel once every week or once in two weeks. It all depends on yourskin. I can't like tell you what to do when it comes to chemical peels. That's not myplace, and I don't want anyone to say, “oh that girl told me to do this and then my skinburnt� No! Use your discretion when it comes to chemical peels. And by the way when youbuy a chemical peel it comes with instructions and directions so that should help you out.Um.yea that what I have for you guy today.

Makeup Color Correction

Hi guys,Welcome back to my channel! Today, I decided to do a color correctiontutorial for you guys! A few tutorials back; someone asked me if I usecolor correctors to get rid of any redness around my skin — and I do, but I didn'twant to mention those products in a tutorial because they didn't really work for me aswell as this color correcting palette has worked for me.And, I finally feel a little more comfortable sharing with you guys how I get rid of redness,dark spots on my face and… you know… how to get a good all around color correction.

Now, If you don't know what color correctionis, it's basically applying a concealer of a different color; rather it be green, yellowor orange. They have some that are lavender — to getrid of different things on your face. Alright, so the color correcting palette thatI've been using a lot is by city color cosmetics and this is the palette in the color medium. They have a light, medium and a darker one.One of the issues that I had with color correcting palettes; is that either it was way too lightand it didn't really do anything for my skin. You could seriously see through the correctionof the color,

Or, it just wasn't the right consistency.With this palette, it has the perfect consistency and it color corrects perfectly for my skintone. If you have my type of skin tone maybe a tadbit darker, I definitely recommend the medium one, but if you have a darker complexion,or if you are very light… or fair, that do have those palettes ready for your guyson the website. I'm going to get started with showing youhow I color correct. Alright, so on this palette, you will noticethat they have two regular colors, so this is going to be the concealers you can putover the color correcting concealers which

are these three right here. You have a green, a yellow and a orange.And I do apologize if the lighting consistency is like, different.I am filming with day light, like, regular natural daylight and, it's just not, it'sjust not working out for me! So, I do have some redness around here, aroundmy mouth — and around… you know, any place that I have a pimple, which is probably like,rift around here somewhere. I'm going to use the green one right now. And it's very creamy, its very pigmented andi'm just going to apply this around the nose

area. Right around where I get red. And it's going to look crazy, don't worry!It's going to come altogether all in the end. The next color that I'm going to go in withis the orange color — this one is very creamy and pigmented I'm just going to apply thisright under the eye area right there. For the yellow one that I'm going to take;I'm going to apply this to my acne scars, because I did have an acne attack, and itjust went crazy! So, there is the yellow.

And I'm just going to apply it on top. Now, you can go onto of that with these tone here,I actually have a concealer that I've been loving, so that's the concealer i'm goingto use, but feel free to use the one in the palette if you have that palette. Now what I'm going to do is apply my bb creamon top of it. So, let me get the bb cream and i'll be back. So, now i'm going to take my bb cream; soI am using the Garnier… it's one of my favorites! It has SPF 20 so its perfect for everydayuse.

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