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Asian Skincare Secrets How Do Koreans Have Such Nice Skin Wengie Beauty Point

Hey guys, this is Wengie here, today I wanted to do a tutorial all about Asian skincare secrets and this a topic of huge interest for me, and I always love hearing about like what Asians girls do to their skin, so I remember going overseas and especially to Korea, and just realizing how nice everyone skin was and I couldn't see a single pimple on anyone, I couldn't see pores, skin looked translucent and beautiful and I was looking around going why do these girls have such great skin, like I'm so jealous,

since then I've always made a point to follow all the Koreans skin care secrets and try to find out how these girls keep their skin so nicely, now I want to start off by saying that genetics is a huge part of what you skin looks like, and this can't be changed and you are just born with the skin that you have, I guess it's really important to be aware of this because then you can realise how realistic your expectations are and one thing I have noticed that is interesting is that people that come from colder climates tend to have smaller pores, like those cold and dry climates like Korea and even Russia the skin tends to have small pores

their skin looks more translucent and I think they have thinner skin as well and that is purely in reaction to where they live and people that come from hotter climates that are more humid tend to have bigger pores and thicker skin and even darker skin because of the sun so I guess that is something to be aware of when you have skin expectations and what you are born with is your baseline and I believe everyone is born with great skin is just very very different, but there are skin care routines that you can obviously do to change the condition of your skin, which is why it's so exciting,

today I'm going to be telling you all about Asian skincare secrets in particular I'm going to be focusing on Korea, they obviously have a lot of technology, routines and products that are really really great for your skin, at least 3 years to 5 years ahead of the West and we can see that through the BB creams, Koreans were using BB creams for a long time and now we've only seen them pop up in regular foundations products in Australia and America, so I think it's great to keep tabs on what's happening in Korea, now the first thing I really want to talk about is standards

and I think standards pretty much drive results of a lot of things in our live including, how often you go to the gym, how healthy you eat, and of course how great your skin is, it really depends on what you ultimate standard is, and I feel like Koreans in particular have a really high standard for skin, is not just having clear skin, is not just having a bright complexion, is also the size of the pores, the elasticity of the skin, how moisturized your skin is, they even have little machines that you put in your face to measure the amount of moisture your skin has, a lot of women carry a little purse face mist to keep their skin moisturized,

because they are very aware of when their skin gets really really dry, the standard of skin is incredibly high, in Korea as well as with Asians, and that can be merely seen by the amount of money women spend on skincare products in Asia especially in Korea Koreans are pretty much the highest spenders in skincare and makeup from all around the world and it's such a small country, while growing up my standard of skin was pretty much to be pimple free, I would be really really happy that I didn't have any pimples, like I didn't even realised about my pore size or anything like that because I wasn't taught and I wasn't aware

Asian freckle laser treatment case study Pamela and Toro

I eat well, I exercise because I'm committed to a healthy lifestyle and I think looking after the quality of my skin is equally important to looking after my body So, today we've got our lovely patientPamela he's got great skin but she's here to talk about pigment in her skin that she is concerned about , in particular, freckles. My name is Pamela

I'm concerned with the freckles onmy face the result I'm really hoping to achieve is just walk out the door and wear as less makeup as possible she says she wants that nice refreshed look by removing some of the freckles that she has, in order to clear the canvas I guess you could say So I have this natural look. The best treatment for her freckles would be using a Geminilasers. Gemini laser is good for Asian freckles because

of the depth that penetrates as well as beingable to reduce the, what we call, spot size as well. So byreducing the spot side it targets the freckle specifically and minimizes the risk to the surrounding skin I didn't. I heard about laser treatment but I never really considered it because it sounded so intrusive to me. Asian skin is in particularly high risk fordeveloping post inflammatory

hyperpigmentation which is darkening of the skin after any trauma or any inflammation and here the inflammation would be caused by the laser. Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation can be avoided bypreparing the skin well before any laser is used, I'musing the right laser, ensuring the skins is cooled thoroughly whilst lasering, and then usingappropriate after care

with topicals. So what we are think what we are expecting fromthis treatment is to clear the canvas, and allow Pamela's beautiful skin to shine through. definitely I see an improvement. It's been a very interesting journey. I didn't think the freckles bothered me that much, but now I don't have them lookso much better it's not painful at all during the procedure, you can feel little bit of pinching sensation

but that's it. yeh. So the result I really want to achieve for my skin is is one day I can wake up my heart on now bring may come over invery late not wearing make up or wearing very little make up. I think I'm definitely closer to reaching that goal if you've got freckles, and they bother you, get it done!.

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