Do Chemical Peels Lighten Black Skin

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Top 15 Skin Whitening Foods to Eat

15 Types of Foods for Skin Whitening Kiwi Maintain Skin bright complexion, vitamin C rich to smoothen skin tone. Banana Rich in vitamin A, B and E, great in anti aging food. Milk Great skin moisturizer, and boost lactic acid helps make your skin complexion fair. Orange

Slow Down aging of your skin, C vitamin assist skin complexion. Tomatoes Protect your skin from sunlight, reduce acne skin oily. Papaya Vitamin A and E act as antioxidants, also remove acne that make skin dark. Strawberry Improve glowing skin with Vitamin C richness, and help reduce uneven skin tone. Soybean

act as anti aging, maintain skin glowing. Tea Helpful to reduce skin roughness, great antioxidant but don't overdose drinking tea. Dark Chocolate Have cocoa poplyphenol flavonoid, helps benefit antioxidant for skin whitening. Lemon Juice Vitamin C booster, remove wrinkles, blackhead, and anti aging to firm skin up. Oatmeal

Moisturise skin naturally and skin lightening with banana recipe. Carrot beautify out lighter skin, Vitamin C give you brighter complexion of skin tone. Salmon Gives healthy Omega 3 fatty acids and vitamins, also greatest skin treatment for whiter skin. Sweet Potatoes Make skin natural glowing effect and healthier skin complexion looking for skin lightening and reduce pigmentation. If you like this tutorial, for more,

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How to Lighten Dark Underarms TCA Chemical Peel

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Which Is Best Glycolic Acid vs TCA vs Lactic Acid Peel

Hi guys, so today I want to address this frequentlyasked question. Some people just ask me like Chinenye, I don't know, should I use glycolicpeel or lactic acid, what percentage should I useé I want to address that today.To start off, there are three basic types of peels, oké There is superficial peel, mediumpeel and the deep peel, oké Superficial peels are the mildest type of chemical peel andthey can be used on all skin types, they're most often glycolic or lactic acid, oké Thoseare the peels that fall under superficial peels.The second one under it is the medium peel. These peels penetrate the skin more deeplythan superficial peels and it causes second

degree burn of the skin. TCA peel is the mainpeeling agent for medium peels, oké The third one and the last one are the deeppeels, oké This one I really recommend you go to the dermatologist, you can't evenfind these peels to self administer it, and the most popular peel in this category isthe phenol peel. If you Google phenol peel you will not find anywhere to purchase itbecause they don't sell it. It causes second degree burn to your skin, they use only onthe face, oké Deep peels may not be used on darker skin types because they tend to bleachthe skin, even for the lightest skin people this phenol peels may bleach the skin. Soyeah, there you have it, now you know what

to use for what problem you're trying toaddress, oké Medium peels are kind of like lean towardswhen I'm trying to treat high pigmentation on my body. Lactic acid peel or maybe glycolicwhich fall under superficial peels I probably would use on my face because I don't wantanything to burn me or just for like daily use or weekly use I go for lactic acid. Itold you guys how I use lactic acid lotion just to keep my skin fresh and glowing. Soyeah, if anything is not clear, feel free to leave a comment, a question below, alrightéHave a good week and take care.

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