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Dramatic Mens Hair Color Transformations

(grooving music) I've definitelynever dyed my hair before. To be honest, it kinda scares me. Guys in my culture don't usually dye their hair. I think that'sexactly it, being a guy. It goes witha little bit of a stigma. What I'm most nervous about

is how I'm gonna feel after I have it on. When I see somebodychange their hair color, that person had balls. It's been a little difficult to get men to change their hair. A lot of guys like regiment. Usually I'm like more theboring one of the group. I'm not the person to dosomething this drastic.

David It's the quickestway to change yourself. I'm excited that it'sreally gonna give me some more confidence, somethingthat I lack a little bit of. Especially Gen X, Y, nowmen are actually choosing their own hairstyles. I think social media has a big impact. I saw some guys with coolhair and I'm like, hey, I can probably do that.

When they really rock it out, they start to see thingschange in their lives. I'm most looking forward tosee myself in the mirror and it not be what I've been seeingfor the past 20, so years. Each one of them haveextreme different looks that they've chosen for themselves. I'm excited to take themto their elevated look. Edward I'm gonna go darker.

With men, I don't necessarilysee them go dark that often and the only reason why they're going dark is because it's emotional. Because I'm blonde,people sometimes look at me and they have a preconceived notion as to what my personality's like. I kinda have to work to have people take me serious sometimes.

When you are looking atsomebody with dark hair and with light eyes, it's mesmerizing. I think something thatcan happen in the course of a single day(snaps) and it doesn't take disciplineand time to see the results. I think it's really gonna help me. From light to dark you'reputting on a single color, but when you're going blonder,

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