Lighten Dark Skin Patches

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Rice Water for Skin Whitening Naturally

rice water for skin whitening brightspot free complexion naturally use rice water is skin toner and see the magicyou'll have a bright spot free complexion naturally why rice water ricewater is a rich source of vitamins b c and d aside from several essentialminerals and amino acids making it a natural beauty health promotingingredient how do you get rice water rice water isthe blurry whitewater you get from soaking rice in water for some time forthe residual starchy water from boiling rice rice water has been used by asianwomen both in concentrated and fermented

form to derive desired results or evenby diluting it either way it is a readytouse beauty product which lendsitself to skin and hair care very well why lemon juice lemon juice is rich invitamin C and acts as a natural cleanser and bleach here's how you can make thisnatural skin toner at home ingredients one cup rice water 3 tablespoons lemonjuice method of preparation take a handful of rice and soak it in a cup ofwarm water overnight first thing in the morning strain the water and a clean bowl add toit the juice of freshly squeezed lemon

blend it well now refrigerate thissolution for about an hour who our it out in a clean air tight bottle you caneasily use this natural toner for about one week to ten days further on diffakan ball in the rice water mix and cleanse your face thoroughly the dirtand the ground from the day will come out with this and the ph balance of yourface will also be maintained this skin toner controls excessive oil secretionby the skin and will keep the skin tone even well naturally tightening yourpores and boosting skin elasticity in just a few weeks the dark spots andblemishes on your skin will fade away

you won't need any shopbot Turner are sure once you start using this in just acouple of weeks your skin will be a tonne lighter and without sponson starsshare it if you find this natural recipe useful thank you for watching the tutorial pleasesubscribe my channel for more health updates.

What I Use to Lighten Dark Spots in 7 days

Hi guys, how are you guys doing today. I haven't film a tutorial in a while,just because I'm still sick, I'm currently dying and this week has just been really hecticfor me but I was like today I'm going to come here and I'm going to make an effort,oké So even if this tutorial is subpar, please bear with me. Yeah! Let's get into it.First thing I want to talk about today is a cream that I'm using on my face to treatdark spot. People have been telling me this thing, it's been going on for a while nowand I decided to buy, and it's not really popular, I decided to buy it and try it andwhen I tried it I was really amazed but I was also surprised and also scared for mylife because of the rate at which I saw results,

okéThis cream is supposed to help you treat dark spots on your face but let me tell you something,when you buy this thing don't use it on your face alone, buy a moisturizer and mixit with the moisturizer and rub it on your face, and this shouldn't be used over anextended period of time, this is just something that's temporary. Once you're done treatingyour dark spots just leave it aside, oké If you get dark spots again pick it up and useit but don't use it over a prolonged period of time because I don't trust it numberone, it worked too fast. I don't think they're being transparent with what they put insidethis cream. The name of the cream is called

monotone. It just says monotone face creammulti action spot remover, UVA and UVB for healthier younger look, dermatologist tested.I don't believe you guys. 2:11 I just wanted to share this with you guys, like I said it's not popular and you won'tfind it anywhere, it's really scarce but I was able to get my hands on this and I'llleave a link below to where I purchased it. If you a question about these or this feel free toask me, if you have questions about anything in general about skin care feel free to askme and I'll answer, ‘m not afraid, nothing is beyond limits, whatever you think it isfeel free. This is a no judgment zone, oké Bye guys, take care.

Fade Dark Spots What Ingredients Lighten My Skin

Before we know how to fade age spots, we haveto know what causes it. Obviously sun damage causes it, but virtually any inflammatoryprocess will also cause it. So the idea is a) SPF is very important on a daily basis;b) inflammatory agents; c) antioxidants I love vitamin C because it is also a reducingagent. And finally, it's very important to make the skin as healthy as possible usingceramides, things like hyaluronic acid to make the skin have the perfect barrier.

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