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Top 15 Skin Whitening Foods to Eat

15 Types of Foods for Skin Whitening Kiwi Maintain Skin bright complexion, vitamin C rich to smoothen skin tone. Banana Rich in vitamin A, B and E, great in anti aging food. Milk Great skin moisturizer, and boost lactic acid helps make your skin complexion fair. Orange

Slow Down aging of your skin, C vitamin assist skin complexion. Tomatoes Protect your skin from sunlight, reduce acne skin oily. Papaya Vitamin A and E act as antioxidants, also remove acne that make skin dark. Strawberry Improve glowing skin with Vitamin C richness, and help reduce uneven skin tone. Soybean

act as anti aging, maintain skin glowing. Tea Helpful to reduce skin roughness, great antioxidant but don't overdose drinking tea. Dark Chocolate Have cocoa poplyphenol flavonoid, helps benefit antioxidant for skin whitening. Lemon Juice Vitamin C booster, remove wrinkles, blackhead, and anti aging to firm skin up. Oatmeal

Moisturise skin naturally and skin lightening with banana recipe. Carrot beautify out lighter skin, Vitamin C give you brighter complexion of skin tone. Salmon Gives healthy Omega 3 fatty acids and vitamins, also greatest skin treatment for whiter skin. Sweet Potatoes Make skin natural glowing effect and healthier skin complexion looking for skin lightening and reduce pigmentation. If you like this tutorial, for more,

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DIY Toner Makeup Refresher Setting Spray Glow Moisturizing

We all want to look our best when the waking up!Even on four hours of sleep, like me. Less makeup to apply at least! I'm gonna show you the first step onhow to get a healthy glow and hydrated skin. My secret is to use a simple natural toner and a refresher setting spray to keep my skin pH Balanced. These steps will lock in that yummy skin nutrients with our moisturizer as a barrier. It suits all skin types. Yeah, I hit the jackpot with my skin type:combo, sensitive and acne. The magical ingredient can be found at health food stores or Amazon it!

Link is below. (Expand Info Box) Orange blossom water for four dollars. Used in desserts, medicine, and cosmetics. Basically it's flora water, known as hydrosol that is great as a facial toner because there is no alcohol or toxic preservatives. And you can see my pores are so minimized, less grease of a face, and happy to not break out lately. The setting spray helps us cool down in the summer heat.

Heal our dry and chapped skin from frisky cold winds and even when traveling. Especially when the air conditioners is blasting that makes our skin so parched. You ever feel like no matter how much water you drink daily, it's not enoughé I definitely do and this actually helps. Mist a few times a day. Stay hydrated! And of course sets our makeup tolast longer by binding to the skin. Absorbs all that powder weaccidentally piled on. To prevent that cake face look.

because you want to keep it natural. Try wetting your makeup sponge and brushto spread the makeup evenly and it helps pack intense color with your eyeshadow. I like to highlight my under eyes using a moist sponge to glide the concealer on for a flawless finish. You can't even tell I have it on. Use this to restyle your hair and it'sgreat for oily scalps.

Back to basics, orange blossom water aswe know it is a hydrosol. It is steam from a bitter orange tree with a tinydoes of neroli essential oil. It's quite expensive so that's why Irecommend just using the orange blossom water. It has free of additives and preservatives. It tones, hydrates, rebalance your skin. And the acidity helps in exfoliating, it's an antiseptic, and an astringent. So bacteria will stay away on your skin because it doesn't like acidic environment Safe, gentle, and great for acne!

So I have tried a few floral water hydrosols. Lavender, witch hazel, and rosemary. also the famous rosewater. Which is great for dry and matureskin but and I feel like it doesn't really do much for my skin at all. It actually dries it out so that's the reason why orange blossomwater is a win for me. It also smells like heaven. Let's begin! To Tone our skin, start with a clean face. Grab a cotton ball or a pad and use a straight from the bootle.

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