Permanent Skin Lightening Surgery

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Laser Skin Resurfacing With Clear Brilliant Christopher Khorsandi Las Vegas NV

Khorsandi We're back today VIP PlasticSurgery and we're with Catherine Lee. We're going to be doing a Clear and Brilliant Permeatreatment for her. Catherine you had a couple of treatments before and what did you thinkof ité Catherine It's really really good for myskin. I noticed immediate results. I've been doing it every two weeks for a couple . forabout a month now. Khorsandi Okay, so you've had abouttwo or three treatments and you've noticed your pore size is smaller and Catherine When I put makeup on it goes ona lot smoother.

Khorsandi Right now you're not wearingany makeup. Catherine I don't have any makeup on menow. Khorsandi All right, so it's taken everythingoff and you've got a nice glow to your skin. We're going to give you another treatmenttoday with Permea Laser and I'm going to put my laser shields on. I'm going to give Catherinea set of shields herself. I'm just going to flip this over the back there. All right. It's really a minimal downtime treatment andCatherine's going to go back to work right after we do this. We're going to start overhere on the side. You know what it's all about

just kind of up and down a little bit, a littlebit of warmth. Catherine It's not bad at all. Khorsandi This is a lot less discomfortingthat a microdermabrasion you thinké Catherine Yes for sure. Khorsandi What do you see with yourskin right afterwardsé Catherine Get a little bit red for aboutan hour but it's really really not bad at all. You look like you got a sunburn. Foran hour when you put the mask on. By the time you take off the mask you could apply makeupand continue on your day.

Khorsandi When we do this treatmentwe usually have patients come back for a series of treatments. The whole thing about the laseris that it was created to provide minimal downtime. To get the full effect we need todo several treatments. Usually one treatment the patients will have and they'll say, quot;Wow!That was really amazing. I really like the way my skin looks. When can I schedule thenext oneéquot; The soonest we usually schedule the next treatmentis usually about two or three weeks. We try to wait about three weeks sometimes a monthto do the next treatment. Then the patients come in and by then the skin is ready foranother session.

I'm going to apply again some SkinCeuticalsCE Ferulic for antioxidant relief. Continuing on here we're going to do Catherine's cheekarea. You think you'll be a Clear and Brilliant user for life Catherineé Catherine Definitely. KhorsandiYou can see a difference whentreatments occur. Again you'll feel a little roughness to the skin almost like a sandpaperto it. That really gets better within the course of three or four days. It's nothingnoticeable, it's not like there's any marks on the skin but it just feels to the touchlike a very fine fine textured sandpaper.

You'll see that your makeup and skincare productswill go on much easier. Most of our patients after the treatment werecommend that they use an SPF 15 or great to prevent any sun damage from occurring afterthe treatment. Living in Las Vegas and Southern California you can't help but get sun exposure.It's really important that you take care of your skin. Again we're going to apply a little CE Ferulicand we're pretty much done here. Catherine The serums really help. Khorsandi Yeah, they help cool the skin,they help with the overall health of the skin.

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