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Rice Water for Skin Whitening Naturally

rice water for skin whitening brightspot free complexion naturally use rice water is skin toner and see the magicyou'll have a bright spot free complexion naturally why rice water ricewater is a rich source of vitamins b c and d aside from several essentialminerals and amino acids making it a natural beauty health promotingingredient how do you get rice water rice water isthe blurry whitewater you get from soaking rice in water for some time forthe residual starchy water from boiling rice rice water has been used by asianwomen both in concentrated and fermented

form to derive desired results or evenby diluting it either way it is a readytouse beauty product which lendsitself to skin and hair care very well why lemon juice lemon juice is rich invitamin C and acts as a natural cleanser and bleach here's how you can make thisnatural skin toner at home ingredients one cup rice water 3 tablespoons lemonjuice method of preparation take a handful of rice and soak it in a cup ofwarm water overnight first thing in the morning strain the water and a clean bowl add toit the juice of freshly squeezed lemon

blend it well now refrigerate thissolution for about an hour who our it out in a clean air tight bottle you caneasily use this natural toner for about one week to ten days further on diffakan ball in the rice water mix and cleanse your face thoroughly the dirtand the ground from the day will come out with this and the ph balance of yourface will also be maintained this skin toner controls excessive oil secretionby the skin and will keep the skin tone even well naturally tightening yourpores and boosting skin elasticity in just a few weeks the dark spots andblemishes on your skin will fade away

you won't need any shopbot Turner are sure once you start using this in just acouple of weeks your skin will be a tonne lighter and without sponson starsshare it if you find this natural recipe useful thank you for watching the tutorial pleasesubscribe my channel for more health updates.

Remove Brown Spots With This Simple Ingredient Saturday Strategy

Everybody's got them: old, young, middle aged men and women. These are the little brown spot that you canfind on just about anyone who spends a considerable amount of time in the sun. Now, some cultures may consider them beautiful and they absolutely can be, but they can also be a sign of aging. Who wants thaté I'm talking about age spots. Age spots are those little brown thingson your skin that are caused by exposure

to ultraviolet rays from the sun. You see them in most people over 50, but virtually anybody, who spends timeoutside can get them on their skin. You may actually have them right now.I totally get it and got them all over my shoulders. So, some more things that can cause age spots are cheap tanning beds. They're huge culprit of this.See, what happens is, when the sunlight or the ultraviolet light from the sun or cheap tanning bed hits your skin, it speeds up this process called quot;melaninquot; in your body.

It produces more of it. Now, the cool thing about melanin is that it actually causes tanning in the skin. It's like your body's evolutionary response to form armor, protecting the deeper layers. Now, back to the age spots. When certain areas of your skin are seen a lot like your arms, your hands, your neck, your shoulders your face, when that's getting constantly hit by the sun, they're getting higher amounts of melanin. When the summer fades over the years and you've spent lots of days at the beach,

you get these little brown spots that remind you of that time that you spent there. The most common questions I hear aboutage spots are, are age spots dangerousé How can I get rid of itéLet's tackle these questions right now. First of all, are they dangerouséThere are a few things that you should watch out for and if it starts to change thenwe know we have a problem deeper than age spots. If you have much darker ones, that could be an issue, or if they're growing quickly. If they have a funkylooking border around the outside, that look a little bit different than the other ones. If they're red, tender or bleeding, that's a sign that you need to see the .

So, the next question I want to address is how can I get rid of unwanted age spotsé Doug Willen, author of Quantum Paleocreated a solution for removing age spots. He only uses two simple ingredientsin his kitchen and everybody has them in their kitchen. The number one solution is onion juice. It turns out onions have a lot more to offer us than flavor in the super burgers. Studies have found that onion extractactually helps remove scarring on the skin and it reduces skin lesions.Onions have an antioxidant properties that help

to neutralize free radicals andencourage healing on the outer layers of the skin. The second ingredient and if you don't have this, I don't know if I can be friends with you anymore.You know what it isé Ready for ité Apple cider vinegar.Now we talk about apple cider vinegar a lot. I talk about episode where I'm talking about apple cider vinegar. We're going apple cider vinegar, lemon,turmeric shots right from the comfort of my kitchen and there's a reason for that. ACV contains alphahydroxy acids that help to remove dead skin.

PicoWay Laser for Skin Remove Tattoos and Brown Spots

When you think of skin treatments, you maythink of creams or even lasers. But what about soundé A new device uses pulses of sound toblast away imperfections. Here's how it works. In her 50's, Olga Mejia still has beautifulamber skin, but she's recently become concerned by the appearance of age spots on her handsand chest area. quot;You know, with clothes like this, the shorter sleeve.quot; quot;It looks likethis is bothering you, righté The handséquot; With the help of San Francisco dermatologistVic Narurkar, Olga is volunteering to test a newly approved technology to lighten agespots. It's a combination laser called PicoWay. quot;What's unique about the PicoWay laser isit uses a mechanism that is primarily is called

photoacoustic, photo meaning light, acousticmeaning sound.quot; Narukar says the sound waves are designed to break up the pigmentin age spots without producing excessive heat. A second handset injects tiny fractions oflaser light to stimulate collagen tissue, smoothing the skin and helping it rebuild.Over the course of several minutes, Narukar treats Olga's hands and upper chest, firstwith one handset, then the other. Because the soundbased system produces less heat,Narukar says it's gentler on many minority skin tones, which can suffer damage from regularlasers. quot;The unwanted heat from lasers can create both hypo or loss of pigmentation,or hyper or excessive pigmentation.quot; He says

the PicoWay was successful in removing scarringand age spots as seen in these before and after photos captured during recent altrials. The treated spots typically peel off in about a week, offering patients of diverseskin types a new option for rejuvenating their skin.

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