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glowy makeup on dark skin ft DeepMedium BB cream

Maybelline BB cream on dark skin (Glowing makeup look).

The Best BB Cream For DARK SKIN Kiss Aqua BB Cream Review and Demo

Hello Ladies and Gents. welcome back to mychannel, its your lovely girl Tinu. Today we are going to be reviewing the Kiss AquaBeauty Balm. If you like to see this review then definitely keep on watching.Ok, so this is the Kiss Aqua beauty balm. The Claims are that its supposed to even outyour skin tone. Its supposed to cover and conceal and its supposed to brighten and nourish.So those are the claims on this BB cream. its also says that it is crueltyfree so thatmeans its not harming animals, They didn't tested on animals so that's what it meant. And its also perfect for sensitive and acne prone skin. I really have sensitive and acneprone skin so I tend tolike stay away from products that are going

to make my skin go whack.I've been using this bb cream since I brought it, I think was about 3 months ago that ibrought the bb cream and I really love it. So I just want to show you guys a demo becauseI know you guys were asking me for a review and what I normally do is that I, I just takea little bit on the back of my clean hands and the only have on my face is moisturizerI didn't put any primer. I didn't put no other whatever on my face because I want to showyou guys how this looks like on its on. So I just take my flattop Kabuki brush, thisis similar to the Sigma I think is Sigmax Sig Sigmax collection. So I just dip my foundationbrush like this, make sure I spread the product

evenly on the brush. This bb cream is a littledark for me, but when I tried to go with the light is a little to light so I might go backand go get the light and mix it, so that was like on e of the downsides. So what I do,I just dab it all over am just doing half of my face first so you guys see how muchcoverage and much difference it is on the otherside. So, you guys will see the differencenow. So I just basically stipple the product on like my face, my eyebrows, got to get myhair out of the way. ok so. I'm gonna zoom in so you guys can see.It looks shiny at first,but when its sets it goes like a satin finish, its not reallya matte finish, its just a natural finish.

So it really doesn't look like you have somuch product on your face, whereas you know that you have product on your face. So thisis just one layer on the side and as you can see, this pretty much covers up a lot, itcovers up the redness I have around my nose you can see I have little redness around hereit covers up everything. As I said it might look a little dark but its a little than havingit to look to light on your face so I prefer it to look darker that's why I didn't getthe lighter shade. I'm going go ahead and blend. the rest of my face and I'll be backto show you how it looks like. So am just taking a tiny incy bit on the back of my handslike this. Just want to use it to cover up

some spots on my face because uhh what wasleft wasn't as much as what I put on this side so I just want to cover up a little bitlike right here. When you are trying to cover up you just want to stipple the product andso that it stays. So am just going to let it a little bit because it kind of looks alittle shiny on camera but am going to let it set an I will be right back. As you guyscan see it has set to a semimatte finish or satin finish and its kind of like natural,that's one thing I like about that bb cream it really makes my face feel natural. Itsdoesn't look like I have something on face. Like people always compliment me. Oh you havegood skin and they don't know that I actually

have bb cream on my face. So what I normallydo, am just going to do this because this is what I normally do when I wear my bb cream.I just highlight a little bit, and this is the coastal scents ten palette uh concealerpalette. I just really a little brightness to go under my eyes. I like my eyes undereye to be a little bright like so. You can skip this part this what I do. This is basicallywhat I do, I do it on my nose also. I didn't put too much here I just put a little. Amjust going to dab the rest on my forward even though I didn't actually put that there butjust want to dab a little bit there. And am going to use the MAC mineralize skinfinishin Mediumdark. I'm just going to pat that

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