Discoloration Of Skin On Stomach During Pregnancy

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My Skin is Horrible During Pregnancy

My skin is horrible during pregnancy! I thoughtI was supposed to end up with this beautiful glow, but I want to hide in the dark. If your skin is turning dark during pregnancy,it'll return to normal after you have the baby. If it is developing dark lines, thatwill depend on where they are. My stomach. A dark line below the navel is probably apigmentation issue that will resolve itself. A series of stretch marks around the stomachand even the breasts are probably permanent. I see enough ads for skin cream for stretchmarks that something ought to work.

You might or might not reduce their appearancefor a while, but stretch marks are scars. They last a lifetime. Or until they are removed by laser treatment. Not while you're pregnant, they aren't. What I hate the most is the acne. Wait until you see what strikes the newbornon exposure to air after you bring him home. But the rash and raised bumps you have istypically treated by corticosteroid creams. I need relief now. Pity I can't take acnemedications, since so many of those cause

birth defects. You can use warm baths and wet cloth to treatit. I hate a lot of the rashes and rough skin. If you had psoriasis before pregnancy, itwill get worse with pregnancy, because the pregnancy suppresses your immune system. Oh, great, another thing to blame on the baby. If you have really dark skin patches on yourface, you can use superSPF skin cream. Or makeup with a high SPF rating. Then I coverit up and minimize it.

Melasma is so frequent it is sometimes calledthe mask of pregnancy. I would rather just wear a ski mask, but thatmight cause trouble when I go shopping. At least most of this clears up after youhave the baby.

Why is There a Line on My Stomach During Pregnancy

Why is there a line on my stomach during pregnancyé That's called the linea nigra. It is usuallya brown line going up and down the abdomen. I know that term is Latin for black line.What is it aside from thaté Around three quarters of all women get it. And some proportion get morning sickness too,so just because you get it does not mean you want it. It is caused by the body processing the melanocyteincreasing hormone that the placenta makes. That sounds like melanin.

It is like melanin too. Malanotropins, themelanocyte hormones, are hormones that trigger the creation of melanin and its release. What can I do about ité It does go away when you give birth, so onesolution is waiting until then. I would like to do something before then. You could try depigmenting agents, but talkto a about what is safe to take when you're pregnant. That's a short list.

Women who get melasma, the mask of pregnancy,get darker coloring discolorations, especially on the face. In that case, makeup to coverit up is an option, while others try microderm abrasion to get rid of that layer of the skin. So this becomes an excuse to go to the spa. The melanin production can be uneven, butcommon side effects are darker nipples and brown splotches all over the body. The challengeis finding a solution that you can literally live with. This is an annoyance I do not want to livewith.

You could try getting a tan to even out thecoloring, though you'll risk even more melanin production. I do not want to make it worse. Actually,I do not want to risk it spreading, because while a line on my belly is annoying, on myface is hard to hide short of tons of makeup or a deep facial tan. If you had melasma not due to pregnancy, they'dsay to stay out of the sunlight, especially if using chemicals to reduce the effect. Andthey'd have to stop using hormone therapy you were using that caused it.

It was missing the pill that got me in thissituation in the first place. Frankly, between the bigger boobs and stretchmarks, I doubt anyone is going to notice the modest brown line on your abdomen that isone of the few things that will fade with time. The challenge will be getting rid of the babyfat before the kid is no longer a baby.

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