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How to Get Toned Abs IN ANY LIGHTING

What's up, guysé Jeff Cavaliere, AthleanX . So if you're looking to tone up your abs thenwe've got to start by defining what quot;tonedquot; really is. See, quot;tonedquot; by the general definition meansquot;Being able to see a muscle morequot;, righté If I have a muscle that I'm holding out hereand then I flex it, it looks more toned. Somebody might say that I have a harder lookingmuscle, or more toned looking muscle. Okay, that's good, but that's not the exact definitionof quot;tonedquot;. Especially as a physical therapist when wedeal with people that have medical conditions

that limit the amount of tone that they canhave or quot;tonicityquot; they could have in their muscles then we want to start defining itthe right way. What that is, is basically the resting level of activity, or the restinglevel of tension or contraction in a muscle. Again, if my muscle at rest looks like this– a little bit loose – it wouldn't look as good as somebody that had a resting levelof tension like that, righté If there was a level of tone. Now, tone could be a pathologicalthing. You could be in a state of high tone and notbe in a good state because diseases can lead you to have increased tone all the time, whichbecomes very problematic. But when you're

training, if you want to get increased muscletone the first way, by having something that looks more visibly toned and in shape; that'sgoing to be diet. Diet always. You're going to want to make sure that you'recutting down the level of body fat that you have that's hiding the shape of the musclethat's beneath. The shape of the muscle gets improved by working out, but it gets revealedby getting rid of some of the body fat, to show more muscle tone. If you want to increase your tone though,where you're already at a lower level, there's two things you can do from an ab standpoint.Number one: you want to start to get up here

on the bar and doing lots of hanging leg raisesand different variations of ab movements from the bar, for two reasons. Tone can be increased by the level of stretchin a muscle. So when we're up here on the bar we get much more stretch – I'll turnhere to the side so you could see. Much more stretch in the bottom than we would from afloor based ab movement. The reason why stretch works is, you thinkabout what tone actually does in your body. One of its functions is to protect us. Ifwe're falling asleep like this and it snaps us back because it feels the stretch in frontof the neck it stretches us back to the front.

You can increase resting tone, resting levelof activity in a muscle by doing more stretch loaded exercises. So that's the number onebenefit. Number two: go to the hard exercise. When you're up on a bar there's a lot moreactivity and effort that must be exerted here on these exercise than a lot of floor basedcrunches or planks and things like that. Again, it goes back to the idea that wakingup the muscles, getting the muscles to become more activated, increasing the level of contributionof the muscle fibers to an activity makes it more toned in the long run. Start opting for harder versions to involvemore effort and involve more activity from

all the muscles in your core and you'll startseeing more resting tone and you're got to make sure you're working on that diet too. If you want to look good on the general definitionof quot;tonequot; then get rid of all that fat that's covering up your hard work, okayé If you're looking for exercises and a mealplan to kind of hit you and give you that onetwo combination then head to AthleanX right now and get our AthleanX training system that comes with our AthleanX Factor mealplans and everything included all in one spot. I'll be back here again in just a couple days.Make sure you leave your comments and your

Home Remedy for Pigmentation Hyperpigmentation Brown Spots Discoloration and Uneven Skin Tone

HI YouTube! I am here to tell you the face mask for pigmentation, discoloration or an uneven skin tone. first of all I'm gonna tell you about hyper pigmentation. It caused by excessive production of melanin there's couple of reason for hyper pigmentation. First of all is excessive exposure to sun and

then unbalanced hormones and some types of skin injuries first of all you gonna need for this mask is sandal wood powder I have got this from an Indian store so and second is vitamin E like couple of table spoons of orange juice. I have small ones so I am gonna use that one lemon lime juice

so I'm gonna take Sandal wood powder about 2 table spoons. then I'm gonna need one tablespoon of orange juice. and one teaspoon of lemon or lime juice and to that i'm going to add

two capsules of vitamin E. I'm gonna cut these squeeze in there. and mix it. This is the consistency of this mask. apply this mask for thirty to fortyfive minutes on your face every day and you gonna see the difference within two weeks. Thank you for watching I hope youenjoyed it.

don't forget to comment. thank you somuch. Bye Bye.

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