How To Lighten Skin Around The Anus

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How to Safely Lighten or Bleach Vagina Anus Expert Safety Tips

Hi guys! This is Eva from Bay Harbour MedSpa! And today, I'm going to make a little demonstration on how to do skin lighteningin your private parts. So many of you that are emailed me or called me or purchased theproduct. There's hundreds of you that for some reason either I don't speak clearly,I can't understand why because I think I speak clearly in English when I explain and thenI write out everything about the way that the lightening treatment should be used onyour private parts but I still get questions or people still ask me what I say not to do,yes to do. So I got a little mannequin that I will try to do my best to show you whereyou are supposed to use the Mandelic Acid

lightening treatment, and where you are notsupposed to use it. So, um, I got a mannequin, a little mannequin here and I'm going to showyou, I'm going to show you actually how to, how to apply and what to do, so this actuallyis a, a, should be actually this should be the tush. And I don't know okay, and I assumeyou can see, so this is the tush, this should be the anus. And this should be the vaginaso I will start, I will start here. Guys. And I, I don't know how much you can see.But here is when I'm talking about skin lightening so for women so for men. I am saying thatyou lighten here, on the outside, you lighten on the outer lip of your vagina. So the outerlip in here on the thigh cause this would

be the thigh, okay. And I specify you do notlighten inside the vagina. So this would be inside the vagina, you don't put the lighteningtreatment inside the vagina. You put it on the outside so it would be the outside ofyour vagina, the line inside. Between your leg and your vagina and you and your thighs.That's how you would do it if you want to lighten your private areas, now, if we aretalking about your anus, about your tush, okay. So let's say that this is your tushand I actually not even sure that I see this correctly but hold on a minute. I'm not sureif you guys can see because I have a glare, so I'm not sure, however, however here herehere is, here is the tush. So these are the

butt cheeks. So, for those of you who wantto lighten the skin, around your butt. Or around your anus. And a lot of people wantto do it. You can lighten so you can lighten all this the line here, can you seeé So goinghere, this line. You can lighten all this, you can lighten all this. You can lightenaround the anus, around but not inside the anus. You don't put anything inside. You don'tput any of the Mandelic inside. You do it around. Maybe you will see better this way.You do it around the anus. Around the sphincter, but you don't do inside the sphincter, notinside the hole. You can do all the way here, all the way here, you can do all the way upthere line, you can do the tush. You can do

the tush here. But you cannot do not insideyour anus, and not inside the vagina. Nothing, not inside the vagina. You cannot do eitheror. As you try to do either or, and you will regret it. So when you do vaginal lightening.When you do anal lightening. You lighten on the outside, on the outside, exactly how Ishowed you. You start with five minutes, six minutes, seven minutes. When you apply theMandelic Acid. The instructions are there. You follow the instructions to the T. Butremember, it doesn't happen over night. It doesn't happen, hocuspocus. It didn't getdark overnight. And please, remember, all of you out there. That have darker pigmentationor discoloration between your legs. Around

your vagina. And you are originally ethnicallydarker. So if you are black, Hispanic, Indian, understand Filipino for instance. understandthat when you give birth, there changes the anatomical changes, the hormonal changes.So the area will become darker. And you cannot change everything. You can, you cannot makeit pink. You cannot make it white. You cannot make it totally light. You can improve. Youcan make it lighter. You can improve some of the discoloration. But physically, thevaginal lips. you can't change the color of your vaginal lips internally. You can onlychange, as I showed, on the outside, not on the inside. Inside the vagina, let it be.It is what it is. Accept it. There's no problem

How to Lighten Private Body Parts Safely

Hi guys, this is Eva from Bay Harbour MedSpa, and today we're going to talk about the subject that most of you feel uncomfortableto talk about or feel embarrassed to talk about, but I know would like to know a lotabout, because I get this request at least ten times per day via email or via ordersfrom people from all over the world. Ah, but mostly America, America is the 1 place wherepeople are absolutely fascinated and obsessed as of now with private part bleaching bikinibleaching, vaginal bleaching, anal bleaching, people are obsessed with it. Now, I have mypersonal opinion about it, but I am not going to express it; however, I want to clarifysomething before we go and before I talk about

it in length. I believe that this phenomenaof people, particularly anal bleaching, or anal lightening, ah is because the porno industryhas a lot of influence on the American public; and that just tells me that Americans arevery healthy, because Americans (per capita) watch a lot of porno, and it's only in thelast four five years that people and women in the porno industry make movies, wherebypeople assume that what they see is on the screen is the norm or real, or is the samefor everybody, and it shows in the movies and on screen that if you should have a pinkvagina or anus. So many want to have a light or pink vagina or anus. So I want to takethe myth out of it and I am going to disappoint

you! Majority of you out there will neverhave a pink anus, will never have a light colored bikini, because for several reasons.First of all, the people that make these pornos, and where this idea came from are very veryyoung, and are probably only 18, and if you look, most of these girls are blonde, verywhite, totally light skinned, and they are very very young. The reason I bring this outis because I think it's very important for you guys to understand that hum, there isa difference between an 18 year old or 16 year old or however young the girl and a twentyfiveyear old woman. If a young woman that never had babies or is totally light in skin color,the for her, white people for instance, our

skin skin is white, and underneath is white,and the natural color will be light; however, as you get older it changes. The reason itchanges for all people of all colors is because it's actually apart of our body's protectionmechanism that we, uh, our body which is very intricate, produces melanin and actually youwould look in the mirror and you would see that for instance the anal area is much darkerthan the rest of your tush, or the rest of your body, and this is because our body ina way protects itself and pushes more melanin, as the anus most of the time is used for aparticular daily function, and we use it on a daily basis for the rest of our lives, andof course if you take a person that is sixteen

or eighteen, their body parts are used muchless than a person who is forty. That's number 1. Number 2: the color of your skin has alot to do with it. Your background has a lot to do with it. If you are Indian, Mediterranean,black, hispanic, ah, if you're not totally white, alabaster white, your skin will neverbe pink! Get it out of your system, it will never happen. If you want to have lighterskin, there are ways to make it lighter, there are ways to lighten the skin, but you cannever make it white or make it pink. Your ethnic background, the color of your skin,has a lot to do with it. Hormones have a lot to do with it. So if you have, if you arefor instance pregnant, any woman who is pregnant

knows, that once you have a baby everythingchanges and shifts. It shifts the color, everything changes in your private areas, it never looksthe same as when you were 18 years old, because this is part of the mechanism in our body,things do change. As you get older you use these parts of your body, so that also changesthe color of that area, and therefore you cannot expect it to be the same as it waswhen you were 16 or 18 and people that have more pigment in their skin can never looklike people who are totally totally totally white or light skin. Having said that, I wantto add something else, that it's known to me, and because people talk about it, thata lot in the sex industry, because that's

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