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How I removed my armpit hair permanently No waxing underarm removal Wengie

ew. no, just kidding, uh look at that armpit, Hi guys, this Wengie here, Welcome back to my channel, and in today's tutorial, is oddly inspired by a really weird comment that I got in one of my tutorials, and it was about my armpit, and apparently you guys like them and you think they look pretty, even though I honestly never ever ever thought about my armpits before, yeah so today I just wanted to a tutorial just to tell you my armpit story and how I ended up getting such nice armpits, apparently they are nice. The start of my story, my armpit story

I just wanted to tell you guys that I didn't used to have armpits this nice, they were really hairy, I have really thick hair so if you look at my arms and my legs I was not blessed with being the Asian and no hair genes that ironically a lot of my boyfriends were blessed with, a lot of a times my boyfriends will have arms that are less hairy than me and legs that are less hairy than me and I would be like why why did I…, I used to struggle with that a lot when I was younger in High school I used to shave a lot my armpits, and when you shave is kinda like it grows out really quickly especially my hair grew up super quickly and it was really annoying

and there would be days when you forget to shave one or two days and you go wear a sleeveless shirt and you walk out of the house, without thinking and you are, oh my god. and you just realized you got to waive and go around like this the whole time and not lift your arms is quite embarrassing, so yeah I've had those days they are very very common, the problem with shaving it was easy, it was painless, it was awesome, but the thing is you always have those little black dots on you arm and things like that so even though you shave the day before sometimes it would grow out a little bit by the morning

and also you could see the little dots they really didn't look that attractive either but it did the job you didn't have thing coming out of your armpits, it wouldn't be ideal, and then I sort of tried waxing and I remember the first time I wax my armpits I put it on and I was really scared because you know you are literally pulling your hair out from the root, and I could see my armpit hair was so thick that I didn't know what would happen and how painful it was, anyway I pull it very quickly and it bled, it removed all the hair clean, but it was bleeding because

I guess my hair was so thick that once you pull it out from the roots of course it would be kinda brutal. So I never ever did that again, because I was to scared, once I saw the blood, I was like hell no, I'm no waxing, I don't care if my armpits are hairy I'm no waxing, so that was a fail, but it looks beautiful it was really really nice, I also had depilator that I tried and I used that on my legs, not on my armpit hair, because my arm hair was so thick I was scare of plucking them, like I would never do that again, yeah and it kinda hurt, I didn't really enjoyed it, but I ended up shaving my legs anyways,

I would wax my legs from time to time, but then I always found waxing to be a little troublesome and messy I never really stuck to it, I still shave my legs to this day, I'm not lazy, yeah I do walk around with hairy legs, shh. don't tell anyone, and then I came to this really really wonderful invention it was called, laser hair removal and back in the day when I did laser hair removal, I think I just kinda, it was after uni, I think I was about 24 or 23 maybe even earlier but it quite a new thing and it was really expensive, so I didn't know if I wanted to tried it, but my friends had tried it and they said it was really good so I book my session at that time,

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