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Master Esthetician Review of Dot Matrix Radio Frequency hom

Hello YouTubers and microcurrent fans and doityourself esthetic fans and estheticians and skincare pros. My name is Christine Byer and I've been an esthetician for 15 years and I wanted to do a review of a cute little machine I bought on Amazon. It's radio frequency but it'sdot matrix radio frequency

and if you don't know, radio frequency is all the rage in skincare right now for skin tightening and how it works is it essentially microwaves your skin. Sounds really scary but it's not, really. What I like about this machine is it is, okay, just so you know, it is by no way, shape or form as strongas what you would get

at the derm's office or aplastic surgeon's office or a medical setting, but for a home usemachine or if you want to go to your esthetician and get this, it is a killer treatment. I have noticed a really a nice plumpness to my skin. At 45, I'll take what I can get.

And I've been doing it on clients too. I need to get two so that I can work on both sides of theface at the same time. The cool thing about thisis it comes with a plug but it also has a battery in it, so you can use itwithout being plugged in. But I keep it on high thewhole time I'm using it. So it's such a simple thing here.

That green light means it's charged. This is the onoff button and then mode, and you can either do, hold on, I'll turn it on. You can do low, medium or high and I don't even mess with low. Low is just like, pathetic. Here, I can do a little part of my neck

and show you what this feels like or what this looks like. I like this 'cause I feel like it goes to a deeper depth than, say, my microphoto therapy machine, and I use that a lot on large pores, hyperpigmentation, sunspots,that sort of thing, and I use it around the eyes and that,

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