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How to Use Evas AHA Mandelic Acid Arbutin Skin Lightening System

Hi guys, this is Eva from Bay Harbour MedSpa. And today, I'm going to give you some instructions on how to use my Arbutin lighteningtreatment with the Mandelic Acid. The reason I'm doing it is because some of you that purchasethe product line did not understand the written instructions that I gave on the treatmentfor the home use. I want to take you step by step by step and show you how to use theproduct line and what I mean when I say what I say in the instructions. So when you guysbuy the Arbutin lightening treatment from me. It usually arrives in the package andit has three items first. It has the arbutin lightening gel. It has the microdermabrasion.And it has the Arbutin lightening cream. So

these are the three items that it has in there.And then you will see in there, two other things. In there in the package of the Arbutinlightening treatment, and we don't even advertise it. But I give it to people because it worksso well, and it's in additional bonus, it's free, it's a gift. Is this. Mandelic Acidand neutralizer. And some of you perhaps, get a little bit confused on how to use itor do I explain it. So here I will demonstrate how to use the treatment when and how often.So if you are treating, if you are treating let's say your face. What my suggestion isand if you are dark or black. My suggestion is the following. Three times a week, youwill use the microdermabrasion scrub which

is this. The microdermabrasion scrub threetimes a week. You will start the following. Twice a day, every single day. Morning andevening. You will apply on the discoloration the Arbutin gel and the Arbutin cream. Thesetwo things. How do we do thaté If, let's say, morning, you wash your face, you clean yourface with a cleanser toner. Then after you cleanse your face, you will take it comeslike this you will take a tiny bit, just a tiny bit, tiny bit, and let's say I'm workinghere and you put it here. So you put the gel only on the area that is discolored. You don'thave to put the gel on the whole face. Just put it only on the area that is discolored.So after you put let's say we treat it this

,you put the gel after the gel, you take thecream and you take a tiny bit of the cream. And here. And massage it in. So if, let'ssay, you have some discoloration on your face, you put only on the discoloration the geland then you can take the arbutin cream and you can put the Arbutin cream for sure overthe area where you put the gel, but you can put the Arbutin cream on the rest of yourface. It will not lighten your skin. All over. It will only lighten where the discolorationis, where you will do the following steps. So remember, morning and evening. On cleanskin. Arbutin gel. Followed by Arbutin cream. Now, and yes, you don't need, and even ifyou put the Arbutin cream all over your face,

then you don't need to put a moisturizer.If you want to put the Arbutin cream only on the areas that you are trying to treator lighten, then you put it only on the areas and the rest of the face, you have to puta moisturizer and an eye cream which every time of the day that you do the treatment.Now say that, three times a week remember three times a week. I would say do it at night,before you go to bed. You will take this microdermabrasion scrub. Remember that's all in your package.The gel. The cream. The microdermabrasion scrub. Is in your package. So is the MandelicAcid. And so is the neutralizer. So three times a week, let's say in the evening. Youtake the microdermabrasion scrub, and I will

show you how much. This is how the microdermabrasionscrub looks. And you will take, about this much. Look. This is very little. Can you seeéYou take this and put it on the white face that means you face is wet. Because when theshower, so you cleanse your face. It's wet. From water, and now you take the microdermabrasionscrub and you put it all over you skin. And you abrade your skin. I'm actually going tomake my hand wet. So that I can show you how to do it and go to do it on my hand. Okay.So just a second, I will take a paper towel and I will show you I'm doing this on my hand.I don't want to make myself completely dirty. Just partially. So, Okay! So let's look. Soyou guys can see my hand is wet. So now. I

Get to know Adeola Ariyo Africa Brand Ambassador for Elizabeth Arden Her Favorite Products

My favorite Elizabeth Arden products are the Eight Hour Cream. It's the best! It really is. As a model, I work with a lot of makeup artists and I can tell you now that every single one of them have the Eight Hour Cream in their kit. They use it for the lips, ifyou want your cheeks to look a bit shiny, they use it on that. They use it on the eyelids it's basically one product

to be used for like 50 things. You have the Eight Hour Cream, the staple one, and then you have the Eight Hour Cream Intensive Moisturizer for yourface so it's like, it's not just 8 hours, it's an entire range. And then I like theSkin Illuminating Night Capsules. It's really silky, so when I've done, you know, my cleanse, my toning, my treating and I want to moisturize, I just putthat on and that's it for the night. And then also my new favorite product is the Ceramide 2in1 Five

Minute Facial Kit. It is amazing! Like when I have photo shootsand I've got like, I've had a long day and all that makeupwants to come off, I wash my face the day after I use that facial and myskin feels so rejuvenated after that and it reallyworks! Like, you could, it works! And I've told, ever since I got my little kits, I have told everybody, quot;you need to get the Ceramide 2in1 Five Minute Facial because it is amazing!quot;

And, last but not least, the Visible Difference Cleanser. It has like, little beads in there, so it's kind of like you're exfoliating your skin when you cleanse, which is greatbecause they kind of like, take off the dirt on the surface. And, there are more, but.I could go on and on!.

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