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Caribbean Fashion Week Dance Hall and Skin Bleaching

CHARLENE: Welcome to quot;FashionWeek International,quot; the show that reports on the mostfabulous fashion weeks in the world, and the culture andpolitics behind them. This time we're in Kingston,Jamaica, for Caribbean Fashion Week.

MUSIC PLAYING CHARLENE: In June 2012,Caribbean Fashion Week descended on Kingston,Jamaica. Although Jamaica might not beknown for catwalk couture, reggae and dancehall style have become a worldwide export. CHARLENE: Whilst dancehallparties are probably the best parties in the world, they'realso the place where you'll

find some unusualbeauty trends, including skin bleaching. CHARLENE: And girls ingestingagricultural chicken feed to get a bigger ass. CHARLENE: Welcome to CaribbeanFashion Week.

KIDS SINGING CHARLENE: Caribbean Fashion Weekhas been running for the last 12 years, mainly without ahitch, with the exception of 2010 when the whole event hadto be to postponed due to a small war being fought betweenthe army and local herodrug lord, Dudus Coke. This year's fashion week wasgoing ahead without a drugs

war in sight at the NationalSports Center in New Kingston. The problem with sports centers,is that no matter how much hotel furniture and DHLfashions stalls you set up, it's always going to looklike a sports center. Once the show is actuallystarted, the gorgeous models definitely had their own wayof working the runway to an eclectic soundtrack of Skrillexand Bob Marley. However, it wasn't until thefashion stopped and the

aftershow entertainmentbegan that the catwalk really blew up. MUSIC CONSCIOUS CHARLENE: As local dancehallartist and heartthrob Conscious took to the catwalk,the previously prim girls on the front row summarilytransformed into insatiable dancehall queens.

Home Remedy for Skin Bleaching II II By Priyanka Saini

Hi! Welcome to Priyanka's Beauty Tips After long gap I am here again to solve your beauty related problems Today I am going to show you how to bleach your skin naturally When you spot blemishes on your face You buy readymade chemical containing bleach creams But it has many side effects That effects your skin in negative ways

Today I am going to tell how naturally bleach your skin at home For that we need Potatoes Rose Water Honey And Lemon First peel off potato skin As you can see we have grated this potato properly Add 12 Lemon in it

Now add 1tsp of Rose Water And 12tsp of honey Now mix it well You can grind potato in grinder As you can see our natural bleach is ready Apply it all over your face and leave it atleast for 1520min When it dries wash it off with luke warm water You will find slowly your face blemishes are vanished

And your face gets a beautiful glow How did you find out my tipé Please do tell us And don't forget to subscribe our channel Thanks.

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