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For skin care. I've changed some things. Istill use the Clinique soap, they have three bars of soap and then they have another barof soap that used to be a light blue bar of soap and now it's like a white bar of soapand it's um it's the acne bar and then even though I don't get acne I still use the acnebar, I feel like it's gentle and it does a good job of cleaning. I'm using toner againI used to use toner and I used to get really good results with toner I really liked usingtoner and I used it for a long time and then I stopped using it and then um. I startedusing it again and so. The toner that I use I got it at the dermatologist's office becauseI do in there and get facials and I still

do get facials I get them two to three timesa year and they''s from a pharmaceutical esthetician at a dermatologist's office soshe um uses it's not like a relaxation facial or anything like that it is a um facial thatis designed to clean out the pores um so it's extractions is the procedure is uh extractingfrom pores. It's a painful procedure but um, I've been getting facials for years and just,I know it's going to be painful, I know what it does and so, it's fine, like I. I'm finewith it. I know that the esthetician knows what she's doing and. I had this other at that 's office I used to go and the esthetician there like she was goodyou know I mean she did a good job um but

now there's another esthetician and I'm actuallyglad because for a couple of reasons and one reason was.usually when I go get a facialand the same when I get a massage I just want to go into a trance I just.I don't want totalk I don''m there but I'm not there but I'm there, like I'm Iget really in tune with what is happening what procedure I'm experiencing and it relaxesme and that's what I like so um I don't like to chit chat with the esthetician I will butI prefer not to so.and the esthetician that they used to have before she was just likea chit chatter and um it's fine you know she would do a good job. She was nice but thenshe started chit chatting and asking me questions

and then when she found out that my boyfriendwas like older than me.I, I very much noticed, and she was not as friendly to me like I don'tunderstand what that has to do with her. As if there is something wrong with me havinga boyfriend that's older than me. But I just you know, she would do a good job so I wouldgo to her anyway and then when they replaced her. there's this new girl and uh, she'sreally nice she does an excellent job and also what she does differently for me is sheuses um salicylic acid at the end of the facial. So when she is done with the extractions sheuses um a 10% solution of salicylic acid and that stuff is amazing. I used to have a littlespot right here on my cheek and it was like,

it would get kind of bigger with you knowif I would have some sun exposure and it would get smaller and lighter in the winter monthsyou know with less sun exposure and um I had a dermatologist look at it I had it for years.Just like a little spot that I had and um I didn't like it and I was actually goingto go in to the dermatologist and have him remove it however it is he decided to removeit 'cause I just didn't want it there anymore and um so I went in with this new esthetician,she does the 10% salicylic acid solution, she like brushed it onto my face, turned ona fan, it gets hot on the face and then it stays on the face and then after that firsttime of having that 10% salicylic acid solution

put on my face the spot just completely disappeared,just not even a sign of it, it wasn't even like faded or like it used to be there, nothing.It completely and totally disappeared. I've had the 10% solution done twice because Ihave been to her twice. Then she recommended toner and I told her quot;oh you know, I don't.Istopped using tonerquot;. It's been years since I've used you know toner regularly and.soshe recommended some toner and then I didn't um, I didn't purchase it the first time. Shegave me a brochure and then um I looked up the product and then the next time, 'causethe second time that I went to her I did, I went ahead and got the toner and its fromZO Medical and it's um called Cebatrol, Cebatrol

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