Whitening Oily Skin

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home remedy to whiten your oily skin in 3 days

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Skin tighteningWhitening face mask for oily skin

face mask for fairer and tight skin. take one whole egg white one tsp of honey lemon is optional if you want to apply same mask for hands and feet then add few drops of lemon Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and mix well. Leave it for 10 minutes on your face. When completely dry, wash with water. You can apply this mask twice a week. It also helps in skin tightening. If you like don't forget to subscribe.

Beauty Tip for Oily Skin II II By Priyanka Saini

Hi friends, Welcome to Priyanka's Beauty Masala Mantra The beauty tip i am going to give you today, that is related to your oily skin Yes, if your skin releases excess of oil then you can have many problem with that like pimples,scars and if you go out the dust get attracted to your skin more and excess of dust can get into your skin so, to get it rules out today i am going to give you a small remedy with this excess oil of your face will gone away but your skin won't be dry So, come with me let us start making pack for removing excess oil For this we require Wheat Bran (Chokar). you can get is from your home with the normal wheat flour

when you will strain it out, the the left over coarsely part is called Chokar so, this you can take out from home Lemon, Multani Mitti get it dissolve in the water for 1 hour then it will look like this Gram Flour Rose water, you will get it from any chemist shop, you can buy it from market so, let us start preparing For this take 1 spoon of Chokar

1 Spoon of Gram Flour Multani Mitti Lemon and Rose water and mix it nicely mix it this way if you feel that the paste is quite thick then you can add some water and make it bit thin but do not make it liquify else it wont stay on your face

this way i have prepared, make it this way ony and for the excess oil , our face pack is ready apply this pack for almost 15 minutes on your skin after 15 minute it will become very dry, then do not rub your else you will got wrinkles on your face sprinkle some water drops on your face and when it become wet the wipe it with cotton and wash your face with water you will find firstly the excess oil is gone from your skin and secondly your skin is glowing.

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