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Getting Closer To The “The Fountain of Youth” Through A Healthy Lifestyle

Aging is inevitable but changing some of our habits and doing some adjustments with our lifestyle will definitely keep it at bay.

The rate of aging is determined by many factors such as our lifestyle, environment and genes. The foods that we eat, the activities that we do and the chemicals that we are exposed to everyday have a powerful influence in the aging process. Although genes may partially determine who will develop chronic ailments that quicken aging, a healthy lifestyle would reverse the situation.

Our body is made up of cells that are organized into different tissues that make up organs. Some of these cells have the ability to reproduce while others die and must be replaced by new cells. Since cell death outweighs cell production, our body become susceptible to infections, free radicals and toxins as we age. Free radicals destroy DNA and disrupt the normal functions of cells making us look older.


Getting adequate sleep is the most powerful way to delay the aging process. Hollywood stars like Penelope Cruz and Catherine Zeta Jones who are in their 40's but still look gorgeous gets a maximum of 14 hours of sleep each night. A chronobiologist or an expert in the study of body clock explains the anti-aging benefits of a quality sleep. Cell rejuvenation is fastest at night that begins with hydration and stimulation at 8-11pm. From 11pm-3am cells would start to regenerate and 3am to 5am allows them to rest. The cells ability to rebuild and repair themselves are impaired if one does not get enough sleep at night.

Taking a Good Supplement that is high in Vitamin A, C, D and E will promote anti aging, as these nutrients protect the cells from damage. Vitamin A has antiaging effects as it promotes skin health, improves the immune system, and enhances good vision. Vitamin C is essential for the repair of tissues. Antioxidants like Vitamin E play a major role in the production of collagen which keeps the elasticity of the skin.

Staying active promotes anti aging. Regular exercise that may include hiking, yoga and other indoor activities helps regulate hormones preventing free-radicals from causing damage to the cells. It is also an effective detoxifying agent that eliminates toxins and bacteria in the body.

Healthy lifestyle, regular exercise, good sleep, adequate hydration and Proper Nutrition along with anti aging supplements are the factors that will make you look younger. The fountain of youth is not too far. It lies within you.

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