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Bacterium is small, yet when it multiplies to a whole bacteria colony it poses a great danger to the skin, most importantly to a broken skin. The bacteria can get a very easy pass into the skin if it is cracked due to a wound, insect bite and skin damage. This is why emphasis is laid on dressing a skin wound or broken skin appropriately.

Bacteria are a part of our lives which is validated by the fact that 200 and more species of bacteria alone live on our skin. Some are important, while others likely to spread skin infection are in dormant state, ready to incubate on finding appropriate conditions.

Common Bacterial Infection

Bacterial infection can be minor, contagious or can spread from person to person. It depends on what bacterial infection one contracts. Few common ones include Cellulitis, Erysipelas, Impetigo, Folliculitis and Furuncles.

Bacterial Infection – Cause & Symptom

Remember if there is a breach in your security you might end up getting a skin infection. But how can skin breach takes place, is your obvious inquiry. The answer to this lies in our daily routine. Just think on the points mentioned below, they would hint to how you can get skin infection.

Unhygienic Daily Habits – Not bathing properly or washing hands before eating (most common).

Unclean places – gyms, locker rooms, public lavatories, swimming pools, benches etc – are possibly used by numerous peoples everyday, you might never known someone can be a carrier of skin infection as be using all these facilities.

Sharing Personnel items – may be a small gesture of kindness, but has a serious implication in accordance to skin infection being transmitted faster by sharing personal items like razors, towel, toothbrush and clothes.

Broken Skin – As stated earlier, broken skin can mean an undaunted passage for bacteria. By broken skin we mean, open wound, insect bite and damaged skin.

Immunity Deficiency – lowered immunity means an opportunity for bacteria to affect the body.

Depending on the skin conditions you have and the kind of bacterial skin infection you get,the symptoms can vary in-between from being.

1) Painful lesions
2) To itchy & scratchy rashes
3) Scaly skin inflammations
4) Blisters and pus filled sores
5) Swelling in the infected area
6) Tenderness in the sores with inflammations
7) Infection spreads widely

Treating & Preventing Bacterial Infection

Treating bacterial infection lies in preventing bacterial infection. Make a mental note of this statement, because fighting some bacterial infection becomes difficult due to them becoming resilient to antibiotic usage. Others less contagious and deadly bacterial infection can be treated by antibiotics or ointments prescribed by the doctor.

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