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Just a few decades, the conventional medicine considered the human body as a machine whose parties inevitably until it is no longer possible to repair it. As a student of medicine I learned that the random chemical reactions determined everything that is going on in the body; mind and body were separated and were independent of one another, and the genes determined to a large extent our health and life time.

The current scientific research is coming to a radically different understanding: while the human body is apparently constituted by matter, in reality is a field of energy and intelligence connected to the mind. We now know that what was regarded as a “normal” experience of aging – a progressive decline toward the physical and mental disability – is in large part a conditioned response. The mind influences nearly every cell in the body and therefore the aging is fluid and changing. Can be accelerated, delayed, or even reversed itself.

There are many studies that demonstrate the profound influence of the mind and the beliefs on aging. For example, a study of the psychologist Ellen Langer, Ph.D. from Harvard University shows that the so-called irreversible signs of aging, including the deterioration of the auditory system, of vision, manual dexterity, muscle strength, and memory could be reversed through psychological changes in the conscience and the increase in mental and physical activity.

Despite the fact that we all have genetic predispositions, our health and aging are not predetermined. To take conscious decisions in our behavior and what we focused, we can transform the experiences of our body to decrease the biological age.

These seven steps are practical ways to connect with your internal reserve of unlimited energy, creativity, vitality and love.

1. Change the perception of your body and the aging

perception is an act of selective attention and interpretation. What you experience as “reality”, including your physical body and your own aging, is formed by your habits of perception. While the majority of the people are accustomed to viewing your body as a static biological machine, you can begin to see it as a field of energy, transformation and intelligence that renews itself constantly.

You start to notice both your internal dialog as the way in which you express yourself of your body and its aging. If you are saying things like, “I am coming to the age at which I need lenses to read”, “I'm too old to do yoga” (or some other activity) “I inherited the condition that has my dad in its back” or some other similar phrases, takes the conscious decision to change the perspective and how you speak of your body and age.

Keep in mind that your cells know what you say, so unless you want to keep the back of your dad or anything else that is of “family” does not feed the seed of intention in your consciousness.

A powerful statement that you can use is: “Each day in all senses I am increasing my physical and mental ability”.

2. Stress reduction and meditation

Meditation is a very simple and powerful tool that leads us to a state of deep relaxation that dissolves the fatigue and stress accumulated that accelerates the aging process. During the meditation, breathing becomes slower, blood pressure and heart rate decrease as well as the levels of the stress hormone. By its very nature, meditation calms the mind and when the mind is in a relaxed state of consciousness, the body relaxes too.

The research shows that those who meditate regularly have less tendency to hypertension, heart disease, anxiety and other stress-related illnesses that accelerate the aging process. In addition, new studies have found that the meditation restores literally the brain.

If you were able to incorporate these two practices in your life, then getting aged early is merely not possible at all.

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