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When we talk about improving our performance in the work out and getting a better muscle buildup or an enhanced body structure, we talk about whether to use steroids or HGH products. Nevertheless, there lies a huge difference between these two and their effects on the body.

Human growth hormone is naturally created by particular somatotrophs cells existent in the pituitary gland. It has a protein compound of 191 amino acids that are in charge of the improvement on the metabolism and other vital body functions. HGH helps tissue repair, enhances energy, and improves the appearance of the skin plus many other benefits.

Steroids on the other hand, include anabolic steroids and corticosteroids as well. Corticosteroids are in charge of removing swelling and inflammation and anabolic steroids have the ability of protein separation and increase physical energy and improve durability.

HGH products when used incorrectly, can give some side effects but those effects don't show up when their use is interrupted.

Although Steroids can have damaging side effects and they are not accepted by the body that easy. Anabolic steroids are regularly taken by athletes and often illegally. Even though the benefits of steroids are appealing, they are often abused by professional athletes. They can show severe withdrawal symptoms when their using cycle is completed. Some of the side effects when they are used in excess in men are reduced sperm, development of breasts, impotence, shrinking testicles and pain or difficulty urinating. In women it can lead to deepened voice, growth of facial hair, breast reduction and menstrual cycle changes.

Steroids can do more harm than good and the side effects can be irreparable.

HGH is easily absorbed by the body. Also, it can be used as long as it's needed because it has no withdrawal symptoms. There are no concerns of using natural and safe HGH because of their quality ingredients. Using HGH, one can expect to enjoy improvements in overall, like energy, muscle mass, better looking skin, hair condition and libido. Human growth hormone has minor side effects and nothing like the severe side effects of steroids. It's a very safe product and one of the important facts to take as consideration is that HGH is not addictive like steroids and offers more benefits besides muscle mass. If you would like to learn more about Injectable HGH please visit for more information.

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