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Aged spots or brown spots are common amongst people over 50 years old. This is mainly due to over-exposure to the sun and has also been attributed to poor liver function. Although harmless, they can make one look unattractive and even the most beautiful face is marred by them. Hence, many women are obsessed with getting rid of spots, especially on their faces.

Remedies abound, both commercially (which can prove to be expensive) and cheaper, safer home remedies (which have been proven to be surprisingly effective). Some natural ingredients used for skin lightening include lemon, papaya, milk. rice,oats and yoghurt.These ingredients can me used to make effective skin lightening cream or paste which can be applied to the spots toremove the spots.

Another step you can take to remove spots is to improve your diet to include more fresh vegetables and fruits reduce your intake offatty foods and fast foods. Fruits and vegetables contain high levels of antioxidants which are good for your skin.

Some people go for the more expensive options which they think will work better and faster. These options include clinical procedures such as microdermabrasion, chemical peels. laser treatment and intense pulse light (IPL).If you choose to go for such procedure, you should choose the clinic carefully and make sure they have the right qualification and experience to treat your skin properly.

What Causes Aged Spots?

Aged spots and dark spots are caused by a condition known as hyperpigmentation. Ages spots can appear anywhere in the body although they are predominantly found in the face. They are caused by overproduction of melanin, caused by trauma to the skin including over-exposure to the sun and other types of skin inflammation.

Are Aged Spots Harmful?

Generally, aged spots are not harmful to the health.However, if you do notice a sudden change in appearance, it is highly recommended

that you get it checked out by a qualified medical professional to ensure that it has not become cancerous. You should not be alarmed

if it has become cancerous as it is normally not life threatening and your doctor can arrange to remove the cancerous spots.

Does Laser Treatment Work?

Skin clinics, dermatologists or beauticians offer laser treatments to remove dark spots. The person administering the laser treatment must receive proper training and be certified to provided such treatment. It is a simple procedure which is over in about half an hour, but the time of the treatment may vary according to your condition.A small handheld laser machine is used to focus intense laser beam on the spots. There is not much pain associated with this form of treatment and this is an outpatient procedure.

More than 90% of people who undergo this process experience success in removing or reducing their aged spots. Hence, if you are looking for a permanent way to remove your aged spot, you may want to consider taking this option.


After considering your options, you may decide to explore having laser treatment on your skin. If you do, you should look for a dermatolgist in your area and book your first consultation to discuss your needs and how much the treatment will cost.

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