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If you have been looking for an effective method to ward off those annoying wrinkles and effects of aging on skin, you must have come across the term, 'Dermal Fillers' and this method certainly has created a buzz in the cosmetic industry. But, there are still some myths associated with this method that would be debunked in this piece of writing.

Hence, if you are considering dermal fillers to cease out your facial wrinkles, you must not miss out on any of these facts.

Myth 1# Botox turns face stoned and emotionless

Botox freeze your facial expressions, and you won't be able to express any emotion ever again. This is a myth. Botox is an FDA approved treatment and is meant to make you look great and young.

FDA approval is based on the review of data collected from controlled clinical studies that evaluated the safe and effective use of the wrinkle fillers when injected into specified areas of facial tissue. The treatment should be done by a reputed cosmetic skin clinic in Canberra, in order to avoid side-effects.

Myth 2# Botox injections are poisonous

Botox injections are FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved, thus safe for your body. And if you approach a reputed clinician for the treatment, all precautions will be taken care of.

Myth 3# Botox injections are painful

Often referred to as the “lunchtime injection”, pain from Botox is completely manageable. It is a quick procedure having little to no downtime. That means, you will be able to join your office in the shortest time possible.

Chances are you experience a bit swelling and bruising, but your clinician would recommend effective ways to alleviate that.

Myth 4# Botox is permanent

No, result from this treatment is not permanent, and meant to last for 3 months that could last for 6-12 months in some cases.

Myth 5# Botox is a type of filler, too

No, Botox is not a type of filler. Actually, this treatment is meant to relax muscles. Botox, Dysport and Xeomin are products containing a purified form of botulinum toxin type A. And, when injected into facial muscles, the products would relax wrinkles.

While Dermal fillers are meant to fill wrinkles and add volume to the affected area.

Along with these mentioned myths, there is a bunch of false notions associated with Botox treatment. Henceforth, you should approach a reputed and experienced cosmetic skin clinic in Canberra to get a complete and clear picture.

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