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Does your skin look dry and dull? Do you feel that your unhealthy life style has stripped off your skin's glow? Along with dull skin, do you feel lethargic? If yes, then well its time to purify your blood in order to filter all those impurities. Did you know your skin is a reflection of your overall health? If your skin looks unhealthy, it means that something is wrong with your internal system.

Yes dearies, that's why it is important to purify your blood. It is essential to detoxify your blood so that it can perform its task optimally. Blood purification has several beauty and health benefits. For eg) It boosts immunity, promotes acne free glowing skin, reduces cholesterol, improves blood circulation, elevates brain functioning. In order to detoxify you blood, it is important to indulge in healthy eating. Of course, these days due to leading a sedentary life style, most of us would have trouble quitting junk, not out of pure habit but our body starts craving for it naturally. In order to cope with this situation, it's best to not quit junk completely and instead just cut down slowly.


Thus, MWH has formulated a supplement to purify your blood naturally. It is an anti-ageing supplement which comprises of 3 certified organic cereal grasses viz: alfa grass, wheat grass and barley. These three cereal grasses together form 70% of chlorophyll. Wheat grass contains chlorophyll which interestingly resembles the structure of hemoglobin in the body. Thus, it is a boon for anemic patients. It also contains sunflower seeds and sesame seeds. Sunflower seeds is rich in vitamin E which works as a powerful antioxidant and prevents free radicals and sesame seeds is rich in selenium which aids in maintaining skin elasticity.

These three cereal grasses prevent the accumulation of “Lipofuscin”- an ageing protein in the body. It purifies the blood, fights against premature ageing and maintains normal ph level in the blood, thereby maintaining blood alkalinity.

Thus, MWH Live Green Real Grass imparts flawless glowing skin, fights against skin problems and promotes a youthful appearance.

So now make heads turn with MWH Live Green Real Grass.

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