Anti Aging Skin Treatment

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Are you aspiring to look young and feel young? Are you in your forty's or fifty's and attempting to hide your noticeable facial lines? If you do, then stop worrying and stressing yourself because that can only add face lines in your face. This is why today, we will find out all the news about Anti-oxidants.

What is Anti-oxidants?

Anti-oxidants are naturally associated with nature. This can freely be obtained on specific food items such as fresh fruits, vegetables as well as other beverages. These are naturally produced in the body from birth before you reach the age of 25. By the time you are 26 years old, the anti-oxidant production minimizes by 10% each year. This is the time when you will be susceptible to certain illness and free-radicals. That is right as early as mid twenty's you can already observe the signs of aging. Free radicals are compounds that damage our cells. When damages occur, fine lines and wrinkles will appear in your face. Fight free radicals by enhancing the production of antioxidants in the body.

What to eat to secure anti-oxidant?

As mentioned previously, it can be made in the body as you eat certain food items. Have food rich in vitamin C. Examples of these are guava, papaya, mangoes, citrus fruits, some type of berries and dark green vegetables. Beta-carotene rich food may also be a good supply. These are cantaloupe, yams, apricots and spinach. You can even look for Vitamin E rich food like soybean, legumes, oatmeal and green leafy vegetables. Selenium rich food like tuna, cereals, molasses, garlic as well as brown rice can also help produce anti-oxidant in the system.

On top of that, coffee lovers and tea enthusiast can acquire antioxidants as well. Both these have caffeine yet they supply greater positive effects compared to the negative ones.

Other anti-oxidant products

Amazingly, as the popularity and demand of anti-oxidants is at its peak, various solutions that can be used topically even have anti-oxidants. You may readily find anti-aging creams, skin lotions and the like in the mall and on-line. They promise youthful glow with sun protection factor. That suggests even if you stay in the sunshine, your skin will still be shielded from the dangerous sun rays.

For many who are always on the go and don't have plenty of time to buy fruits and veggies, they have the choice to take anti-oxidant supplements. These supplements are organically made out of all natural extracts. The common consumption is around one or two tabs everyday. Although these products are easily accessible over-the-counter, better speak to your physician first before intake; especially for pregnant mothers.

The effects of antioxidants in the body are absolutely amazing. All the news about Anti-oxidants is bound to help anyone that is struggling to look good and feel good. Start the intake of food that can increase its production. Start it today and revel in reaping the rewards.

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