Anti Aging Wrinkle

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The process of cell regeneration takes place inside the human body and is evidently supported by Airneryg Spirovital-Therapy. The positive effect has been dermatologically and scientifically tested and proven. Because of the visible effects on the skin the natural energy therapy with Airnergy already holds a place in cosmetic care.

More and more customers use the small energy supply unit at home because they experienced that energetic air is as important for health as is the right diet. But air is not all the same. Depending on the quality of air 75% of respiratory oxygen are exhaled unused. When getting old, when we are ill or suffering form stress, have a wrong diet or lack exercise it is even more. This makes obvious that the human body does not need a higher volume of oxygen but help to utilize the amount supplied in respiratory air. In course of life the cells more and more forget how to regenerate but the Airnergy method supports this process following the example set by nature. Airnergy works similar to photosynthesis in green leaves. Since we cannot change the human body Airnergy changes the air we breathe which helps the body to better utilize oxygen. Neither is the amount of oxygen increased or ionised nor is ozone added.

For that the Airnergy energy-therapy is not only appreciated by beauty-conscious ladies, Formula One drivers, professional football players, top managers, a wide circle of medical doctors and private users in more than 60 countries around the world, in 2010 it was also awarded the European Health & Spa Award in the category “Best Technical Product Innovation”.

This pioneering technology is available in different designs. The best-seller is Airnergy Avant Garde Crystal. For E6,500.00 the user gets an insight into the technology applied which at first sight looks like an high-end phono device and makes people jealous. For a customer from the United Arab Emirates a Avant Garde was produced in a special design: gold-plated and encrusted with 4,400 Swarowski crystal stones. Founder of Airnergy Guidi Birther says “Our customers from the Emirates so to speak take fresh and energized air into the desert. In the long run the air coming form air-conditioning is not healthy. And nothing is more important for our health and wellbeing as is light and air.”

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