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The sole correct answer is chlorophyll. Chlorophyll, the green pigment, present in plants sets it far above the other colours.

Chlorophyll is the chemical that gives plants and algae their green appearance. When plants absorb light, they take in all colours, except for green, which is seen on the leaves. This green that is trapped, in the presence of sunlight, combines with carbon dioxide and water to produce oxygen which is required for this process -forms the genesis of life.

Chlorophyll's resemblance with haemoglobin

There is an uncanny similarity between chlorophyll and haemoglobin- its structure. The red blood cells which transport oxygen in humans is virtually identical in molecular structure to that of green blood cells (chlorophyll), with one atomic difference: the replacement of iron with magnesium in chlorophyll.

Chlorophyll benefits:

once in human body does the job that of haemoglobin. It helps build energy level, aids in liver detoxification, delays ageing signs. Chlorophyll increases the oxygen level in the body and brain, thus benefiting the people with chronic headache and anaemia.

Combat signs of ageing: Green grasses such as barley, alfalfa and wheat grass when combined together produces just the right quantity of chlorophyll required by the body. These grasses work in content to rejuvenate skin cells, and eliminate toxins and free radicals, both harmful for skin causing it to wrinkle. This combination is also known to increase and purify blood, proving a boon to anaemic patients.

Energy booster: Wheat grass is a prominent chlorophyll carrier that helps fight fatigue. It carries oxygen to the brain, reducing stress level. Wheat grass in the form of grass, not sprouts, is brimmed with chlorophyll. This makes grass more potent in comparison with sprouts.

Liver detoxification: Parsley, spinach, cabbage and broccoli are green vegetables which infuse chlorophyll in the body. These four when combined with carrot and beetroot, in a proportionate quantity, form a strong amalgamation that helps detoxify the liver through both detoxification phases. This amalgamation is also known to improve liver function. Cabbage, of all these vegetables, contains indole-3-carbinol which is anti cancerous, thus it is beneficial in pacifying post-chemotherapy side-effects such as hair loss, nausea, etc.

Other benefits:

Chlorophyll enriched vegetables like spinach, cabbage, parsley and broccoli have shown to have balanced the iron-magnesium ratio in the brain, proving to be very beneficial for people with ailments like chronic headaches. They also eliminate the toxins accumulated due to prescribed medications, thus saving the liver from further damage. Apart form these, chlorophyll has shown to have the following phenomenal benefits:

  • Regulates calcium level
  • Helps break addiction
  • Alkalises the body
  • Its anti-inflammatory property combats inflammation
  • Wound-healing properties
  • Fight infection
  • Promotes healthy intestinal flora
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