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You Don't Have To Have Good Genes To Age Healthfully!

What set of DNA did your parents give you? Your bone structure, shoe size, and eye color are part of your unchangeable genetics. There is proof now that the other 98% of your DNA is changeable. You can influence your lifestyle and your genetics and that is the sum of your health. Isn't That Great News? Everyone inherits tendencies for health or disease conditions. How you live and what you know about genetics can greatly impact your process of anti aging.

You already know to eat less and exercise more. What is missing is eating the right food. The caveman knew he needed protein but we learned that carbohydrates and the right kind of fats are essential. As science has developed we learned that we needed vitamins and minerals so ate food containing those nutrients. The prevalence of scurvy and rickets was eliminated. At that time we understood that these micronutrients functioned at the systemic level.

In the 21st century scientists working with nutrition and medicine discovered bioactive compounds. These peptides, phytochemicals, and isoflavones function at the cellular or genetic level. Now the secret is known. But still very few people understand the impact on their lives.


On the lifestyle side of health you know that we need to eat less, exercise more and eat the right food. The progression of our understanding of nutrition has added greatly to our aging healthfully.

Dietitians have given us 5 basic recommendations:

  1. Eat Breakfast. After the fasting while you sleep your metabolism needs to be revived up again.
  2. Choose Food Wisely. It is best to shop the perimeter of the grocery store. You find whole grains, vegetables, and fresh produce there.
  3. Be Mindful Of Your Mouthful. Note what you are eating and not absent-mindedly gorge through the whole bag of snacks. Moderation does count.
  4. Limit Your Salt And Sugar. These two ingredients eaten as add-ons or hidden in processed foods can incline you toward major health issues such as heart issues and diabetes.
  5. Hydrate. Drink 8-10 glasses of water a day. Your body needs that much at least to function well.

The additional element to assist with anti aging is exercise. Movement helps the body keep moving. Joints stay moisturized and range of motion is maintained. It is a “use it or lose it” situation especially as you age. Here is another secret. The more your move the better you feel and you want to move more. You can pick your style of exercise. You Choose: Walking or aerobic workouts, done by yourself or with others, with stylish fashions or an old tee shirt, with silence or music. The possibilities are endless. It is fun to mix it up and try something new.

So now you have the secret to anti aging. Well maybe it is just part of the secret. The rest of the secret is the money factor. You don't need to spend tons. In fact there is income that can fund your cost of nutrition and even provide financial security which makes growing old and feeling young even better.-

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