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There has been a mixture of positive and negative Strivectin Neck Cream reviews since its release. While many people are reporting remarkable results from using the product, there have been some worrying complaints as well. I decided to investigate these reviews, and find out if it's really worth getting this product to correct neck sagging. Here's a snapshot of the good and bad Strivectin Neck Cream reviews that real users have been giving so far.

Summary Of The Strivectin Neck Cream Reviews Online

At a glance, most of the Strivectin Neck Cream reviews that I encountered were very positive. Many users noticed an immediate tightening effect after using the product for the first time, and the majority of users saw their neck sagging disappear after just 3-4 weeks. In fact, some of them were even asked if they had gotten some work done on their neck, such was the change in just the short period of time!


That said, there were a number of negative reviews and complaints about the product as well. Some people did try the product without experiencing any positive changes, and a few people even suffered from a rash from using the product for just a few days. Clearly, there's a slight risk there that your skin will react badly from using this Strivectin product, so do be aware of that if you have sensitive skin.

It's important to note that Strivectin has just recently improved the formula of their neck cream, and the new version now contains a lot more of the active ingredients that not only tightens the skin but helps it to retain more supportive collagen as well. This improvement has clearly dramatically increased the success rate of this product in reducing the effect of neck sagging, as seen by the reviews before and after the improvement was introduced.

What To Make Of These Strivectin Neck Cream Reviews

All in all, the reviews I came across showed that the product does indeed work for most people. In fact, more than 90% of women reported at least some improvement to the tightness and smoothness of their neck after using the new version of the product. However, it seems that there's a slight risk that the product might not work at all or even produce a rash. With that in mind, you should be careful when using it and if you don't see results within 2-3 weeks you should take advantage of their 30 day money back guarantee.

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