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A blemish balm cream, popularly called Beauty Balm or simply BB, is a boon for working women. It gives them freedom from heavy makeup.

Mornings are usually rush hours for working women, who also have to make sure they look presentable. Not all women are blessed with good skin. Those with fine lines or blemishes spend quite a long time trying to conceal them with layers of foundation and concealer. It becomes a cumbersome task to apply layers of makeup every morning. Moreover, heavy makeup requires touch-up several times a day.

At the time when the nude/natural makeup trend is catching up in the fashion world, caking your face with makeup seems outdated. It shows how you are lagging behind the times when there are creams like BB and others available. The good thing is that they are available right here on the internet. You just need to know which brands are offering such innovative creams and which brands are at the top these days.

Top brands

As you read reviews and refer to ratings, visit forums and relevant websites, you would learn that Hydroxatone is one of the top skin care brands available in the market today. This skin formula focuses on the aging skin and is co-created by an eminent plastic surgeon based in New York. The formula is a result of intensive research, study, and clinical trials by the surgeon and his team.

The performance of Hydroxatone's skin formula suggest that brand makers are changing their focus from churning profits from products to giving serious solutions to people. It is but natural that when a product performs outstandingly and gives people what they want, it will be a profitable venture for the makers.

For example, the brand's anti aging blemish balm cream is a version of the original BB cream, which was developed by a German dermatologist. She used the formula to soothe skin that had undergone laser treatment. Later, the fame of the cream's soothing and healing properties spread in the Asian land and it became one of the hottest beauty commodities there. As the cream traveled to the Western world, scientists infused anti aging properties in it to suit the skin needs of American women.

Asian women are obsessed with fairer skin, while American women are obsessed with a flawless, firm complexion. Today, you can get various versions of BB. It is available in different shades too. Match the shade with your skin tone to get a perfect and natural looking finish.

The popularity of BB is such that it has come under the category of the best anti aging creams. In a single slather, this cream gives you a long-lasting, matte finish, which makes your face appear fresh and flawless. You need not apply moisturizer, foundation or concealer, and even sunscreen after using this cream. It contains tinted moisturizers that provide light to medium coverage to facial imperfections and also contains SPF. For heavily damaged skin, this cream gives a good and moisturized base to apply makeup on.

Indeed, a blemish balm cream is the “best friend” of a lady in a hurry. Do you have one in your bag?

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