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In the search for eternal youth, the truth is that we cannot rely on beauty creams or potions to keep us looking young and feeling like we're on the top of our game. In an attempt to debunk the myths on aging, it is more about the way that we think; the manner in which we conduct our daily activities and our approach towards life. With the right tools and the support of an affordable medical aid plan, the path to longevity can be a rich and fulfilling journey. A high-quality life requires conscious and consistent effort when it comes to the small things that make up our daily routines. From healthy eating to the attitude that we exude, the secret to longevity is in our control.

Despite the emphasis that has been placed on diet and exercise, a great deal of research explains that a positive attitude and active mind can increase the chances of a long life but also add increased quality to the standard of life. If you have the reassurance of hospital cover and the support of family and friends, there is a greater chance that your mind will be free of worry, leaving more room for positivity. Read up on these three ways in which to stay young at any age:

A Positive Mental Attitude

A positive mental attitude comes from the knowledge that you are prepared for anything. As you prepare to change your mind set towards aging, ensure that you invest in an efficient medical aid plan that will allow support for any health emergencies. With the assurance of hospital cover, you are able to alter your fear of getting older. Despite the fact that society places an emphasis on youthfulness, you need to take a look at your goals, accomplishments and legacy. Irrespective of your actual age, you have much to look forward to! Think of everything that you have and the things that you have done and then use your positive attitude to fuel your longevity.

You Are Only As Old As You Feel

Don't act your age! If you feel older on the inside, the chances are that you'll look older on the outside. The key to longevity is to remind yourself that you are able; that you are capable of performing mental and physical activities. Once you begin to convince yourself that you are too 'old' to participate, you automatically tune your brain into believing that you are too old for anything.

Own Your Physical Independence

Embrace the fact that you can still walk! There is no need to make use of a wheelchair or a set of crutches until it is absolutely necessary. It is easy to give in to the use of mobility aids and become dependent on them, depriving your body and mind of the mental and physical stimulation that it needs to stay young. Rather, take things slowly – make use of the fact that you still have the ability to move. Rest assured that when the time comes to make use of such apparatus, your medical aid plan will take care of you. Stretch your muscles, breathe in the fresh air and embrace your physical independence!

Live your life in testimony to the debunked myth and prove that longevity doesn't lie at the bottom of a glass bottle, but rather in the way that we choose to think and react to the coming of age. A healthy mind results in a healthy body, which leads to fresh exuberance and a renewed take on permanence.


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