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Acne is a common problem faced by most teenagers and is caused because of hormonal changes. The oil gland that is present in our skin becomes over active and produces more sebum or oil. This in turn causes the pores to be blocked. These pores get infected and this leads to acne. Some people suffer from a mild version but then there are others who develop a severe version and here you will get cysts and nodules on the skin. For a teenager, this can be a very traumatic stage and makes them stressed and stress does not help in any way. The lovely skin they were used to can get scarred and these scars can sometimes take a while to disappear. There are many treatments available to treat acne scars and in London Dr. Anil is the best person to visit.

Modern and Effective Treatments Practiced

Acne scarring treatment that ispracticed in London is the TCA CROSS. You can avail this treatment at Dr. Anil's clinic. Trichloroacetic acid (TCA) is carefully placed with a toothpick into the scars. New collagen is stimulated and the dermal structure is re-organised and this will gently lift the scars that are dented and bring it back to the skin level. This treatment suits all skin types. The experts at Dr. Anil's clinic decide on the concentration of the chemicals only after properly assessing the skin type and the extent of the scars.

TCA versus Laser

TCA is considered to be even better than laser treatments, especially when the scars are very deep. This treatment can be used to treat particular areas unlike laser. If an expert like Dr. Anil is the one doing the treatment then you can be sure that you will enjoy positive results in a very short period and only 2 or 3 treatments may show good changes. This treatment unlike laser can be used on all skin colour even dark skin though those with light skin recover faster. The overall recovery period is shorter with TCA. This is the latest treatment that is practiced for removing acne scars in London and more people are opting for it because of the success rate as well as the other advantages.

Scars Will Disappear In Some Time

There are several acne scarring treatments in London but every case is different and the success of the treatment could also differ from person to person. Those suffering from the mild form can be treated with creams and gels that have been in use for years like retinoid. Sometimes the doctors may suggest a combination of oral antibiotic and cream. Modern methods like TCA are used for more severe cases. Whatever the treatment, it will take time so a lot of patience is required on the part of the patient.

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