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Serving Central Florida, just cross-town from Disney World and located in a quaint little area of East Orlando, there is a rare gem tucked safely away in Oviedo. Welcome to Med Spa Plus. With easy access just a few feet off Orlando's 417 Beltway, Med Spa Plus is nestled in a peaceful little shopping plaza catering to some of the most serene communities in Central Florida. It is here that the art of cosmetic medicine is practiced in its purest form by Dr. Diane Cantrell, M.D. With its unpretentious facade one could be forgiven for missing the area's first & finest dedicated cosmetic practice. There are no intimidating marble pillars or gilded doors. Nothing that implies an entry fee or a need for references. Just an honest setting where your investment will be spent on you and not on polishing the brass. As a Board Certified Physician specializing in Non-Surgical Cosmetic procedures and Anti-Aging Medicine, Dr. Cantrell offers the latest in laser and cosmetic surgery procedures in a safe, caring environment. We believe that everyone is entitled to look and feel their best, regardless of age. Everyone is different so we provide individualized treatment plans to meet your needs. The primary focus is providing you with the safest, least invasive, most cost effective procedures available to achieve your goals. This is where your dreams come first, not the Doctor's.

There are only a handful of Physician practices that specialize in Non-Surgical approaches to cosmetic medicine. The effectiveness of Dr. Cantrell's non-surgical solutions are so dramatic that most patients will actually have better results than if a surgical method were used. Only the most advanced, yet clinically proven equipment and techniques are used. Effectiveness is judged solely on in-office results on real patients, not on marketing brochures or television shows. Dr. Cantrell's holistic approach and unique training has brought unparalleled success in the treatment of most cosmetic concerns. Celebrities have marveled at her Botox & Dysport treatments' ability to give them full, natural expressions with smooth, relaxed results. Laser patients have been surprised at the long term sensational results of even a single treatment. Hormone & weight loss patients have received a new vitality on life in as little as a month. And perhaps the most dramatic successes have been from her unprecedented natural face lift treatments. They have turned back time for hundreds of patients that will last for years to come. In fact, her abilities and results with Sculptra Aesthetic are unrivaled in Central Florida or by few others in the Southeast. Dr. Cantrell has helped pioneer some of the most respected names in cosmetic medicine right here in her Orlando office. Sculptra, Perlane, Dysport, and Radiesse to name just a few.

Step inside and you step back to a simpler, more relaxed and natural time when visiting a doctor meant being taken care of instead of being “processed”. The clean and comfortable atmosphere reflects the results oriented philosophy expounded by Med Spa Plus. Dr. Cantrell has a reputation for genuine empathy with her patients and world class outcomes. Perhaps that accounts for a loyalty and trust that motivates patients to return from all over the world. Enjoy the pleasure of front door parking, a convenient location just minutes from Downtown Orlando and the quiet, less congested character that is Oviedo. The staff has been extensively trained to offer you the best treatments and therapies available to help you reduce and prevent the signs of aging, inside and out. “We want you feeling secure in your choice and beautiful with your results.”

Some offered services include Bio-identical hormone therapy, medical grade facials and acne treatments, weight loss, ear lobe repair & restoration, spot fat reduction & body shaping, cosmetic dermatology, hyperhidrosis and long term migraine treatment. Laser services including hair, sun damaged skin, nail fungus, veins, facial redness (capillaries & rosacea) resurfacing & tightening. Non-surgical feature restoration (face, hands, feet, etc.) and correction. There is even treatment for “fashion” related foot pain (high heels).

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