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The first signs of anything wrong in our bodies shows up on our face. The energy field of the face represents the entire field, so anything we do that rejuvenates our face actually rejuvenates our brain and the rest of the body as well.

Rejuvenating the cells that make up our faces is not limited to using herbs and flower essences, or getting a good night's sleep (this of course is indispensable). There are some other things we can do to specifically direct fresh energy to the face for healing and recovery from long term damage.

Our face has more sense organs in one place than any other part of the body. This means it is always receiving impulses, electricity and energy from our environment. If our senses are dull and jaded, much of the energy we receive becomes static and clogs the area around the face making cells sluggish and giving us a worn, tired look.

Over the years, lines tend to develop on our faces. Some people have more than others. These facial lines actually have a history. One of the expressions when someone has a lot of lines is “The more lines on the face the more character”. Another common expression is “The eyes are the windows to the soul”. We may update this expression by saying “The lines on the face reflect the life we are living”.

When you look at most magazines you will see an abundance of ads promoting Botox, face lifts, and many types of facial surgery. Many of the techniques are good but there can be drawbacks. Some of the techniques are painful, some only last a few months, and some are even risky.

Men and women worldwide are interested in looking more attractive and more youthful. The beauty industry is one that sees constant growth no matter what is happening with the economy. Statistics show that during times of economic downturn there is an upswing just in the purchase of lipstick.

Now there is an option that is a NON-surgical procedure. It is called The Energetic Face Lift. The Energetic Face Lift technique not only affects your face, but the technique can help to improve your overall quality of life. This painless, no-touch technique is now an easily accessible option for people who want to look and feel better, but who wish to avoid surgical methods.

Energy Healing has been around for thousands of years but not many energy healing practitioners have applied these techniques specifically for rejuvenating the face. The lines that appear on our faces don't just appear there, the body has gone through some type of trauma or event that is causing the lines to appear on the face. Energy healing not only reduces the lines but also the underlying stress that caused the lines in the first place.

Energy healing helps the face to glow not just from the surface of the skin but from deep within. It produces a feel of well being that radiates and shines from the inside out.

In cultures past and present, there has always been preoccupation with beauty and aesthetic appearance. A beautiful face is something every person is expected to achieve. Good looks express good character. And the face is always the first thing that people notice and perhaps maybe the only basis for judgmental and lasting impression. As the eyes are the mirrors of the soul, the face is the reflection and visible image of beauty, health and happiness of the whole body. If something is not right internally, it shows on the face. The face conveys every pleasure, misery, anxiety or worry. A troubled face reflects inner struggle or problems while a happy and cheerful face can captivate and influence relationship with others. In contrast to other parts of the body, one cannot hide the face, as it is always open for analysis, impressions and scrutiny. For this reason, the search for an effective facial and beauty program continues.

Energy healing balances and harmonizes the energetic processes in the body – facial stress energy can be removed or disintegrated and the skin is toned and nourished. This results in a refreshed, energized and healthy face. Energy healing uses one's own natural vital energy to accelerate the body's innate self-healing ability.

Energetic Facial Rejuvenation is a specific no-touch no-pain energy healing technique that removes accumulated stress and painful psychological energy from the face. By applying advanced Energy Healing techniques utilizing color bio energy on the face in a specific hue, proportion, and sequence an energy facial skin program is established.

How does a remote energetic facial rejuvenation session work?

Since I specialize in what is known as remote or distant healing all energy healing sessions are done by phone or skype. All I need is a recent picture of you to do the session. You contact me for a convenient time for your energetic facial rejuvenation session. I call you at the agreed upon time. I ask you for some history and if there are any recent emotional traumas so we can work on the emotional as well as the physical level. I ask you to close your eyes and relax.

I then begin the energetic facial rejuvenation process which involves removing stagnant energy from the face and adding in fresh life force energy to the face while focusing specifically on areas of lines and wrinkles. I also use specific rejuvenating energy healing colors as part of the process. The session is one hour and some results are usually noticeable right away. Specifically a healthier look and glow to the skin and some reduction in lines and wrinkles. For severely wrinkled skin it may take as many as 10 sessions to see a big difference.

If you would like to have an inner glow that radiates health and well being from inside out then feel free to book your Energetic Facial Rejuvenation session now.

Health Blessings

Steve Levine

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