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I'm sure you have come across a lot of people who say, “I may be old by age but I am still young at heart” Though people convince themselves by making such statements, they secretly wish they looked younger. Glucosamine is usually a pill that you would expect to find at the clinic of a Rheumatologist. Twenty years ago, Glucosamine was just another supplement to treat Osteoarthritis but today it is much more than that.

Studies have proven that, liquid Glucosamine has the ability to increase the production of Hyaluronic acid present in joints. It may seem like this discovery is once again useful to only Arthritic patients but the interesting fact is, Hyaluronic Acid (HA) happens to be a vital component of the skin. The lower layer of the skin, known as the Dermis, produces Hyaluronic acid to retain water in the body. This action helps the skin look full and radiant. There are both capsules and roll-ons available for applying the supplement.


Unfortunately, the decreased production of HA is one of the consequences of aging. Therefore Dermatologists have now started prescribing Glucosamine supplements to stimulate the production of HA. HA can help hydrate the skin, accelerate the rate of healing, especially in surgical wounds and reduce wrinkles and fine lines. Most dermal fillers used to treat wrinkles inject HA to the body. Now with the use of a Glucosamine supplement, you no longer need to go through all that hassle.

N-acetyl glucosamine is another form of Glucosamine. It is cable of inhibiting the activation of an enzyme named Tyrosinase. This is one of the enzymes responsible for the biosynthesis of melanin. When a glucosamine supplement is introduced to the body, it reduces the production of melanin. As a result, age spots can be prevented from appearing. Other associated disorders such as hyper pigmentation, uneven distribution of melanin and freckles can be treated as well.

At any cost, it is good to get a second opinion from a Doctor prior to commencing a treatment. Glucosamine supplements are available as oral and topical applications. N-acetyl glucosamine (niacinamide) blocks, melanin at two stages and hence, it is now used in nearly all the latest sunscreens and moisturizers. When purchasing a cream for your skin, make sure to read through the ingredients. If you find a product with a Glucosamine compound in it, you are sure to get value for the purchase.

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