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People are often confused and have many doubts about cosmetic surgery. Following are a few such myths which will clear you doubts about cosmetic surgery procedures:

MYTH: Cosmetic Surgeons and Plastic Surgeons are the same.

TRUTH: People with a proper medical license can be called as a cosmetic surgeon. Many doctors who are not trained in plastic surgery procedures advertise themselves as expert cosmetic surgeons. Ensure that you make a proper background check and look for all the certificates that are needed to become a authorised cosmetic surgeon.

MYTH: Silicone Breast Implants aren't considered fully safe.

TRUTH: Many studies have clearly shown that both silicone and saline breast implants are completely safe and do not play any role in causing any other disease. The government authorised and checked implants should be used in the treatment as these are safe & secure.

MYTH: Silicone Breast Implants leak quite often.

TRUTH: The present generation of implants used for breast are highly durable compared to older implants. The new versions have a leak rate as low as 1% in 7 years. The silicone used is a cohesive gel, which looks like bread dough. In case the implants began to leak, the silicone stored inside will simply stay at its position.


MYTH: Saline Implants are safer compared to Silicone Implants.

TRUTH: Whether it's Silicone or Saline implant, both have been cleared by the government to be used in treatment. But, Saline implants may have more ripples, making chances of higher leak rate compared to silicone. This is a main reason that the best cosmetic surgeon in Mumbai will recommend silicone implants in place of saline implants.

MYTH: Fat Injections used in Breast Augmentation is a better choice than Implants

TRUTH: Fat grafting or fat injection used in breast augmentation is marketed highly, but cosmetic clinic in Mumbai still considered it as an experimental procedure. The surgery is longer and expensive compared to augmentation with implants.

MYTH: The fat will come back somewhere else in the body, after liposuction

TRUTH: Excess fat and fat cell stored in the body are removed by liposuction procedure. There's no chance for the fat to store back again, unless you consume higher number of calories than you burn. In case you gain weight again, the fat content will be more because fat cells in the operated areas will be reduced.

MYTH: Botox is not safe

Truth: Botox that is highly purified and safe to use. It doesn't have to do anything with Botulism. A renowned Cosmetic Surgery clinic in Mumbai will provide an expert and trained surgeon who will give you the desired results.

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