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The fundamental question of “Why are old cells more vulnerable to pathology than young cells?” is the basis for fighting aging. The concept of stochastic physics as a tool to understand and fight aging is a springboard that will continue to fuel interest and research. This will lead to an eventual regimen to combat aging. Read on and grasp from the brief below to understand research on how stochastic physics can help fight aging.

Gene Networks Stability

Studies in laboratory animals have conclusively indicated that some animals exhibit negligible senescence. This is largely because they are unaffected by the instability that is intrinsic to genetic networks. This goes on to fuel further studies to unravel the potential of a functioning system of repair that can stabilize genetic networks, thereby limiting gene damage. Research is ongoing, with impressive results to prove how mortality hinges on instability. That is, the possibility of defects affixing and incapacitating an important gene in enough number of cells so as to cause potent damage to tissue functions on a local level.

Biomedical gerontology

This interdisciplinary research has shown that lifespan can be extended by a process of mitigating diseases that cause aging. The causes of diseases that lead to the onset of diseases, are showing the way forward in this sub field that has made exciting discoveries. This niche field has proven the effects of aging to be a result of a gradual accumulation of damage to tissues, cells and organs. The very frontiers of medical research are being pushed ahead to accommodate the mind boggling and numbing discoveries in bio gerontology.

Maintaining the overall fidelity of molecules

To put it quite succinctly, an organism ages when all the biomolecules that constitute the organism undergo a change. Understanding why all the constituents change, will help to identify intervention that can perform one of two functions. One, to reduce the rate at which the molecules are damaged. Two, to increase the rate at which repair and replacement is undertaken. Either one of these two actions will lead to a slowing down or a gradual reversal of the process or the rate at which the overall fidelity of molecules were changed.

Stochastic physics, its study and use have led to great advances in helping research in the fight against aging. It is a question of time before a credible regimen is introduced to stave off aging and increase the healthy lifespan of humans.

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