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It seems that most people will do anything to have younger looking skin, especially celebrities, as Simon Cowell has recently revealed his anti-aging secret was having sheep placenta facials.

Simon Cowell who is now 52 has been using various forms of cosmetic treatments such as Botox to beat off the wrinkles, but has now found that sheep placenta is a more effective way of looking young.

Simon goes to the Lancer Clinic in Beverly Hills to have the placenta facials, Dr. Lancer says the placenta is good for anti-aging and better than Botox as, “The stem cells are full of rich nutrients and the cells we harvest are amniotic, which means no harm is caused to the animals.”

The treatments are expensive but Simon can afford it, according to an unknown source he is constantly looking for the latest anti-aging treatments to improve his complexion.

Another celebrity that uses strange beauty regimes to stay young is Tom Cruise, he supposedly uses nightingale excretions as a facial, he likes to use natural treatments instead of surgery or Botox.

Most celebrities use bizarre treatments such as Demi Moore who uses leeches therapy, which sucks out the toxins in the body. Leech therapy was used by ancient Egyptian doctors, who believed the leeches were a cure for all.

Nowadays leeches are used in some cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries to help with the re-attachment of body parts. They detox your blood by biting down into your skin and as they do this, an enzyme is released that helps optimise your health.

Demi Moore seems to think it works and visits Austria for the privilege of this unpleasant treatment. But five years ago she spent 220,000 on a range of cosmetic procedures such as liposuction, brow lift and breast implants, so this is a big factor with how she looks so good.

There is a range of bizarre treatments for anyone to try not just celebrities; bee venom therapy seems to be popular. The live bee is put on pressure points on the body, acting like acupuncture. The venom is meant to boost health and relieve symptoms of PMS and Tennis Elbow.

If bee venom does not take your fancy, why not give snake venom a go, British brand Rodial have introduced a snake venom serum, which gives smoother, younger-looking skin. The venom comes from the Temple Viper snake and celebrities such as Katie Holmes and Gwyneth Paltrow are users.

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