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An amateur investigation on all the fairy tales would reveal that, “Oops! They were so young!” Who would know that the once-listened-to women would become role models in the long run? The role modelling might not be just for their virtue and prettiness, but also (and mainly), for their youth. Have we ever investigated why are the positive characters young and the negative characters old? It is because ageism performs the role of the devil in our lives. Age on the greater side is something we would say “not today” to.

Now, because ageism is not so often said ti amo to, some creation has been up-fronted by My Wish Hub Ltd. The product is named Real Grass. It contains that natural content that keeps leaves green. If you have ever regretted not being as young as a baby green leaf, and wished to become one, well, the gods have truly heard your murmurings.


Real Grass contains the Real Grass Blend, which is inclusive of chlorophyll. This is that very compound that initiates the production of collagen, and it is this collagen that accounts for the fire-glowing and the mirror-shining skin. With collagen, RBCs are observed to have increased in number. Conclusively, Real Grass spears up haemoglobin. The Real Grass Blend is a blend of Wheat Grass, Alfalfa, Barley and Spirulina. Seeds of sunflower and sesame are also part of the Blend. The chemical compounds of Real Grass include Abscisic Acid, Chlorophyll, and Spinasterol and Stigmasterol.

Strangely enough, ageism is now a wishful and a much-awaited occurance. It curbs untimely wrinkling and ageing. Real Grass begs pardon for not being able to control ageism totally, but it prides upon itself for controlling early ageing. Its powerful organic ingredients help to rejuvenate the skin, thus making one experience a blissful anticipation of ageism.

Real Grass functions according to the nature's rule of time. If nature says 21, Real Grass strives to keep the cells young up to the age of 21-22. It guarantees that our body cells do not age when they're not supposed to. Thus, one can feel right with the right age, only with Real Grass.

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